Saturday, January 3, 2015

Not a Very Good Day.

Pink skies this morning...sailors take warning.....

 My sweet innocent Gucci was paying the price for a bad decision made by me.  Yesterday I let the dogs have bones to chew on and she got blocked up.  Right when we were doing chores she screamed and I knew this was serious. 

 She seemed ok for awhile, had eaten her breakfast....but then I could tell she wasn't right.  I took a shower and decided to call the animal hospital.  They let me bring her in just as they were closing.
The small pieces were not passing through her.  X rayed, then an enema, then later another enema.  I was ready to pass on the art opening, but the Doc said all we could do is wait for awhile and that I should go.  So I did, but with one heck of a heavy heart.  Bad enough I was still not feeling well to begin with.  
Tina brought a beautiful center piece.

 We had punch and lots of snacks.
 A decent turnout.

 I just was not into it and did not take very many pictures.

Before leaving I got a message from the Vet.  Gucci has to stay overnight as there is one little bit that has not been expelled.  She must be exhausted and scared.  He will call tomorrow morning and I sure hope I can go get her.  
Lesson learned.  Just hope Gucci will be ok.
After all the experience I have had with animals...what was I thinking?
(No it was not chicken bones - soup bones, and I thought it would be a nice treat - Phoebe seems fine).  $$$$$$$$ are in my future, but if she is ok it will be worth it.

Night all.


  1. I hope Gucci is okay. Bones are such a individual thing... We've had dogs that can't tolerate them at all and dogs with stomachs of iron. Don't beat yourself up about it; we all know how much you love Gucci and they do love bones so much; hard to resist giving them. Now you know. Hoping to see her bright face back at home in the morning.

  2. Hope she's home with you soon, feeling all better.

  3. I hope she is better by tomorrow and you can bring her home. We all make mistakes sometimes but I'm sure she will be fine. Good luck.

  4. All our feets are crossed for you Gucci. We are not allowed any bones or rawhide stuffs
    Lily & Edward

    1. You have a very smart Mama! I must have a case of temporary insanity!

  5. All hopes that Gucci will pass the offending bone, and will be home so soon. No wonder your mind and heart were with her all the time. Hugs as we wait with you, Jean.

  6. Keeping good thoughts for a quick recovery for Gucci. I know how hard it is to watch your sweet friend suffer.

  7. I just had to tell a friend that Connor was not allowed to have her steak bone. I know she thinks I'm crazy and overprotective. It's a full time job keeping this puppy from swallowing everything as is:)

    I sure hope little Gucci is fine in the morning and I hope you finally kick this nasty bug.

  8. I do hope Gucci recovered well.

  9. Oh, I hope Gucci has recovered and will be home today! I know how worried you must be, esp. on top of not feeling well yourself. Urg!

  10. Any bones that the dogs may get are from when we have our cattle processed. The hounds can handle things differently.
    Morris is small and gets a rawhide once in a great while. He bores with it after an hour.
    Also, we keep enemas on hand, you have no idea how many blockages I've opened on equine and dogs. I usually do an exam before calling the vet and invested in a very good Veterinary Stethoscope. I have learned our equine's normal hrt rates, and respiration rates, as well as the dogs.
    I probably do this because getting a vet isn't very easy and the wait for an equine can be long.
    As for dogs, our good pet doc usually can get us in quickly.

    I can't imagine how Gucci is feeling. Hugs to here and please post how she is doing ????
    Morris sends her his heartfelt love.

  11. Our dog happily eats a nice big bone - this sounds like one of those things, don't beat yourself up over it! I am having one of those moments right now as the kitten just jumped up onto the hob whilst I was cooking. The smell of burnt fur was worrying, but luckily he seems ok and isn't limping. Could have been so much worse. Off to read about how Gucci has recovered.


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