Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Monday, July 30, 2018

1,000,235 Hits!

This morning I knew that Gordon B. was coming to rototill the rings.
Here is the before shot.

 and the after.

 He does a great job!

 This afternoon we took it easy, 
 and around 4 I decided to make this wilted coleslaw for dinner.
Our friend Roger introduced us to this dish and I forgot all about it.
 I sautéed bacon and onions, which I removed from the pan.
 Then, I added the chopped cabbage and kept turning it until it was wilted.
I pushed it to one side and added some mayonnaise, cider vinegar and brown
sugar creating a sauce.  Threw in the bacon, onions, salt, pepper and celery salt 
and really tossed it.  So different and so good.  (Don't over cook the cabbage)
Gary grilled some white hots and that was it for our dinner.
In the meantime, Doug N. and Darren B. pulled in the driveway and took away 5
loads (big loads) of manure!  What a pleasant surprise.
Almost at the same time, Scott called Gary and had another load of wood chips
for us.  Our second surprise.  It only took about 20 minutes to spread it.  Doug was kind enough to put three buckets in the North/South run-in with his tractor and
we did the rest with forks.

 Finally able to get my Journal done early....
 There's still good light coming in through the library windows.

(On my kitchen table)

 Just let the dogs out....whoa!  The temperature has really dropped.
Night all.

I can't believe I have had over 1 million hits!