Thursday, February 28, 2019

Good Light All Day Long!

 Such a dramatic sunrise....

 Before going out to the barn I was distracted by the flowers on my kitchen table,
 so I had to grab a few shots 
 By then, the sky color had changed.

 We had gotten about 10 inches of new snow and Phoebe preferred to stay inside.
 Little Wonder joined me for chores.
 I did a lot of shoveling.

 By 10, we were driving over to Hilton to have our taxes done.
That's always a relief.  We have been going there for years and it is a free
service performed on behalf of AARP by trained, very experienced volunteers.
We always go to a nearby restaurant for lunch when we are finished.

The pups were happy to go outside when we got back to the farm.

 Late afternoon the sun was blasting through the west windows...
 and shining on the horses.
 Little Wonder would not go out on the back porch because
Sophie was standing by the door.
 Gary had a 5pm meeting so I had leftover pasta and made a salad
before going to my 6pm meeting.
 The sunset was outrageous!

Night all.