Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Once Upon A Time.....

Early in 2015 Annie was working at the Liftbridge Book Store
                                                     Mary was busy at Oak Orchard
 and Lori was taking it easy at the farm (ha ha).
 All three were very interested in their community for one reason or another, and it
just happened to be an election year.
Annie and Lori had known each other for decades and neither knew Mary.
A bug was put in their ears and before long they decided to run for office in
The Town of Sweden.

And so it began......

The next three photos were taken just before they got yelled at for being on a farmer's property.
(They claimed they did not know).

Except for a handful of times (when 1 or 2 individuals were elected) 
theTown has been run by the same party for over 150 years.
These three felt it was time for a second opinion to be heard and
they started the Campaign for Change.

They had heard of an experienced photographer (Glenn Emmerson)
and he did  several photo shoots with them...also designed palm cards and tri-folds.

This black and white shot was used over and over again in much of their printed material...
and it became their signature.

Fortunately Lori got her hair cut before the second batch of shots were done.
She never liked having her picture taken and Glenn knew that,  so he wanted to
start with shots doing things she enjoyed.  They made it fun and it helped.

 Modeling was not the norm for this group.
 You can see how excited family members were to be included.
Mary's son was not about to look at the camera.

Three Farmies....

On the go every week starting in April.
By June they were at the Farmer's Market most Sundays, schmoozing and
supporting Brockport Ambulance.

They could be found at the Welcome Center for Summer Serenades every Thursday night.
No, Lori and Mary did not try to steal the mule!

One night it rained and the band moved over to Java Junction.
Mary and Lori added a little percussion to one of their songs...such fun.
(Eight Days a Week...what a band).
On the 4th of July all the action was at the Morgan Manning House for their annual
old fashioned celebration.  Beautiful weather and absolutely packed.

In August the Annual Arts Festival filled up Main Street for a couple of days.
Thousands of people were in Brockport for this event.
T-shirts had arrived and the team met at the Morgan Manning House for another photo shoot.
 There was a band playing on the property, and look who chose to perform.



In September a fundraiser was held at Skoog Farm.
Mary's husband, Chef Adam, did an amazing job with the food.

Several politicos attended, along with
100 other friends.
A group hug with Louise Slaughter, Congresswoman extrodinaire!

She made sure that she spoke to every single person.

September and October were spent going door to door.
Always working on something.  This particular day they were at the home of friends for a coffee and thought it would be brilliant to make a video.  What a disaster when you are recording with a phone.  
Much time was spent listening to voters.
By late October they were out in the country and at one of the homes Lori was able to take one of her all time favorite photos. 
Shortly before the election a Rally was held in the barn at the Farmer's Museum.
On election night, the numbers were so close they could not call it.
It was almost a week before the final counts were announced.
Although Mary and Lori were elected, Annie was not.  As a first
time candidate she lost by 70 votes to a 22 year veteran!
A very sad day.

But that is not where the story ends!  

Last week a trustee from the VILLAGE BOARD
resigned and the Mayor appointed Annie to fill the position!  
So in the end, the entire team made way or the other.

This Sunday there will be a ceremonial swearing in performed
by the Honorable Louise Slaughter.
Mary and Lori will be sworn in to the Town Board
Annie will be sworn in to the Village Board.
That has to be a first!

...The End... 

We are making history in Brockport and so appreciate all the support we have had from this community.  At this time, over 100 people are planning to attend and they are all going to be treated to a delicious piece of homemade pie!
Now it is time for both boards to work together for the betterment of all.
Ta Daaaaaaaaa!