Saturday, December 5, 2015

Are You Listening?

A mild and muddy morning.  4 piggies.
 For the past three nights, Berlin has come in with a forelock full of burdocks, so today we removed all the we could find while we were picking the pastures.
 Don't they look lovely?

 After doing some serious barn/house cleaning, I got back in the house a little before 11.
Another blossom appeared.
 Met Sally for lunch at Java, where we both order a chicken salad on greens.  My new favorite.
Had a chance to catch up and chatted with all our friends who were in and out.
 From there I went over to the Strasser Studio to sit in with my drumming pals for awhile.
 It felt good!  I had not drummed with them since the full marathon, which was held months ago.

 The afternoon light was sweet, so I had to grab some shots of Wayne.

 On my way home, this appeared in the sky.
 It was to the left of the sun.
 Did anyone else see it?

 As soon as I got back to the farm I put together a headpiece to wear tonight.
Chores a little before 5.
 The girls were even filthier.

 Put on one of my African Ensembles and was off to Spencerport to drum in a Christmas Concert.

The Director of the Spencerport Community Chorus lives down the road from our farm and she also retired from the Brockport Central School District.  I presented a drumming workshop at her Bed and Breakfast a year ago and was happy to be invited to participate in this concert.

This is Gay Lenhard.  She is a local public official and announced the program.
 What a great group!  A very welcoming atmosphere full of talented singers.

 Another good experience.

Night all.

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