Thursday, December 3, 2015

Instant Replay


Wet, grey, muddy, chilly, rainy....still ugmo.
 After chores I picked some carrots...a couple of them weighed 1 pound!

Then I grabbed a shower before running several errands in Brockport.
The afternoon was spent being domestic.
First, I  made some cabbage soup...
then I worked on some gingerbread with fresh whipped cream.
Baked it in a bread pan, sliced it in half
put cream in the middle
 plopped on the top
 added more cream

 and put it in the freezer.
Can you see how the bottom layer fell apart?
In the meantime, we had the cabbage soup for dinner.  Since it was purple... the onions, celery, carrots and barley all absorbed the color.  I make it sweet and sour....delish.
 Grilled a couple rolls and served it with cheddar cheese and apples.
 By the time we finished eating, I was able to take the gingerbread out of the freezer and
it was ready to be sliced.  So yum.
Tonight Mary and I went down to the Town Hall for 
a meeting with the Town Supervisor.  Very happy with it.
On January 4th we will be sworn in and then it all starts.
Night all.
I'm still not in a picture taking mood.  That has to change by tomorrow morning as I will
be doing a photo shoot down at the Candlelight Christmas Sale in Brockport.


Sharon Creech said...

Muddy horses, yum food, outside, inside . . . xx

Val Ewing said...

Okay I want the gingerbread! Yum! We are mud mud mud here too, hoping that the winds dry us out a bit tomorrow. I dislike muck and mud.