Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A chilly morning. This was Barb's last day of vacation and she came over to help with chores. She has spoiled me rotten for a week.
Gary finished priming the back of the indoor...just needs to put the grey paint on it now.... I'm sure he is very sick of doing this.
After chores I mowed the lawn and all around the outside of the pasture fences.
The corn is almost up to my shoulders. Everything is so early this year.

At 11:30 Ariana and I went to the D&R Depot (in LeRoy) for lunch. We met some friends of hers who also spend time in Croatia.
The gardens and entrance were full of flowers.

We all ordered different lunches and even had dessert! That finished me off, even tho I had a Pittsburgh salad for lunch.
Ariana enjoyed the visit.
Kevin had dropped the boys off a little after one, and they were there when we got back home.
I went out and finished the lawn....
...and Gary started digging up his garlic. Some of the best....ever.

He has already had calls from people who want seed garlic.

Ariana and Finn were on the computer and Cooper took a long nap.

Jenny arrived around 5 and picked up the boys (and Ariana) as there was a T ball game at 6:15.
Finn knows what he is doing. He can catch, throw and hit....very well....

Cooper even played tonight...and got a couple of hits.
"Go Finnie!"
After the game, Ariana came home with us as she has to get ready for a trip tomorrow. She, Jen and the boys are heading to Virginia and Washington DC.

The night sky was brilliant.

Here are some shots of our front lawn. lillies. Some of them are over my head.

I'm totally out of gas. Night all.


Thanks for asking about PC. He ate most of his grain last night...and this morning. He is acting very normal out in the pasture.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I regret to inform you that Ariana will no longer be posting on my Journal as she has run away to another location. To reach her at her new blog (invented today), you may click on her link..."it's all about cookie." What a quick study!
A wild sky this morning.
Took off PC's night bandage and gooped him up for the day. He seemed quite normal.
Got in the house by 9:15 with Ariana's help. The ulterior motive was to set up her own blog.
Class arrived at 10:30 and I was barely out of the shower.
Looked to me like they were very happy.
Tina was working on a lamb she saw down in "Punkins Patch" (Kentucky blog).
Dick made a lot of progress on his painting.

Donna was back and worked on her fish.
Jean continued to work on her mixed media. The ink on the top has made it so very interesting.
I asked Fran to do contour drawings of her greyhounds and she did one heck of a job.
...a horse too.

Before they went home, four of them picked spinach.

I had to run 5 or 6 errands and the pups went with me...the bank, grocery store (carrots for the ponies), had two pair of glasses repaired, gased up the car and stopped at Country Max for dog food.
Picked up Ariana from Jenny's on the way home.
Barb was here to do night chores. PC was not himself. He left 85% of his grain and was not acting normal. I took his temp and it was 100.6 ...he was acting pretty groggy. Finally he went out to the pasture and started eating grass...I'm so afraid that his days are numbered.
When I went out to put them in for the night, he was eating hay in the back shed. I wiped off his wound and wrapped it with clean gauze. Tucked them in a little after 9. It was very chilly out there.
Grabbed a few more night shots and went back to the house.

Ended up helping Ariana get her new blog finished. Check it out.

Night all.