Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Anything Goes!

Once again, the sunrise was short lived.

 The high today was about 58 degrees, so off came the blankets.

 The new tulips have started to open up...
 I'm going to have to keep buying them, as they
 add so much to the

 We had about an hour to relax before class started.

 Carina made the bread delivery and almost everyone placed their normal orders along
with pizza dough!  We are all out of control!
 I have not purchase bread at Wegmans since August!

 As per usual, Little Wonder gave a lot of lovin' to Shamra.
 LuAnne brought along a program from the show Anything Goes.
 I was a member of the Junior Women's Club and for several years we put on musical productions.
The year was 1974! and I was the production co-chairman, set designer and....a dancer.
 There I am on the left...
 and here I am at a rehearsal TAP DANCING!
How about those bell bottoms!!!!!!!
 What a gas!
 Loved seeing this.

 I did not do anything exciting this afternoon...but managed to make a 
big pot of meatballs and sauce.
 This heatwave is going to get our trees and plants in trouble.
Tomorrow night it will be in the mid 20s with some snow.

 I lost control and made dessert.  Vanilla pudding with bananas and walnuts.

 It was a spaghetti kind of night.
 When I got home from the Town Board meeting I went straight to the frig for this.
Night all.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Ladies of Leisure....

A very beautiful sunrise this morning.

 Pretty chilly.
 After breakfast, Little Wonder and Phoebe were waiting to go outside.
 Here's the last series of tulip photos....(they got dumped today).

 Chores as usual.  I must admit that I'm glad the snow was gone.

 At noon I went to Hanny's house for an afternoon of lunch and bridge.
 I have to show you her sewing room as it is the epitome of all sewing rooms!  
Talk about organization!
 Her house is full of the buttons below and the roosters that are all over the place.

Brenda....your paintings are perfect in this room.
 Hanny is a quilt maker and her work is impeccable.

This sewing machine must be the Rolls Royce version.

 She made chocolate chip cookies for dessert....
 and set a beautiful table filled with sunshine.

 If I lived in her house, I would be spending a lot of time in that chair below.
The light in her office space is perfect for reading and taking naps.
 One of her walls is filled with drawings, paintings and prints of the local scene.
This is a print I had made from watercolor and ink drawings produced by my Studio in Art students.
Storefronts in Brockport back in the 90s.  We sold a ton of these and I find them all over town.

 We had red lentil soup, salad and home made popovers for lunch...
(and the cookies for dessert of course).
 It felt good to play bridge.
 On the way home I went to Wegmans
 and bought a new bunch of tulips to replace the others
(along with many other items).
 I had picked up a ham and cheese sub for dinner, so it was pretty simple.
 Worked with Little Wonder tonight, practicing what Barb has been teaching us.
 He is really starting to respond, learning to do things without any verbal cues.
I hold a toy in my hands and when he goes down I give it to him.  He looks at me and I wait until he does what he is supposed to do.  Such a smart little cookie.  He will sit in a heartbeat.

You know who spends her time snoozing.
 It never did get that warm today.  The wind kept things cool.
 Time to get out by the fire.
Night all.
I have now have over 3/4 of a million hits on my counter.
Thanks to all of you who have tuned in.