Friday, February 17, 2017

Alix and Scott...In a DC Minute

Last August Gary and I splurged and went to the First Annual Farm-To-Table Dinner in Medina.
  It was a beautiful summer night and the setting was just right.
 Chef Michael Zambito (Zambistro) and his staff were in charge of the food and service.
It was a fundraiser in support of the farm market, and I forwarded my photos the next day.
 They posted a link to my Journal and I got over 1500 hits, including 1 from a couple that 
lived in Washington DC.
After they left me a comment I checked out their blog and we have been communicating off and on since that time.  Scott and Alix are real foodies and posted many reviews of restaurants that included gorgeous photographs.  (  Shortly after we "met" they moved back to Medina and have written all about what it's like to be back home.  Now the restaurants they are checking out are all over the area...from Buffalo to Rochester.  After several attempts to get together for lunch with Alix, I finally invited her and Scott to come to our house for dinner.  Tonight was the night.

 It's funny, how you can pick up vibes about people through blogging, and it is rare that I have been able to meet them face to face.  
Quite a gamble to go to someones home for dinner that you have never met.
Our first experience was with Sara from
She drove up from Kentucky with her Corgi to help out a friend who was about to have dozens of lambs born.  I said if she was ever in the area I would make her dinner and she took me up on it! Sara currently has about 38 sheep of her own and we have been in touch with each other for years.  She and her husband have been here several times and we have become good friends.
 After Gary and I cleaned the house I started on dinner.
Chicken, mashed potatoes with caramelized onions and cheese, cooked carrots, green salad with apples, pears, craisins and toasted walnuts and gingerbread with whipped cream.
 The wheat Challah Rolls were made by Carina.

 Jenny and Scott joined us as well.

 They brought along some spectacular appetizers.

 I knew we would all get along with each other and our conversations covered the waterfront.
 It was a real pleasure to spend the evening together and I'm pretty sure it will happen again!
We have many things in common (horses, dogs, farms, interests, mutual friends)
and learned a lot about each other.  I love doing this.

Night all.


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