Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Who'll Stop The Rain.....

A reasonable morning came to an abrupt halt by noon when it started to pour.

(Tom Root....these two Puzzler photos are for you)

 Carina delivered bread to class a little earlier today and is planning on making a few special options for Valentine's Day.  I will have to take photos.  She's even going to start making pizza dough!

 Sandy returned to class after a long good to see her.

We had some very lively discussions regarding the current political scene.
As soon as everyone left I put the horses back in the barn as
they were already soaked and the temperature was dropping.
We had the leftover mac and cheese for lunch so dinner was not going to happen.
Every man for himself.
There was aTown Board meeting tonight and by the time I got home the temperature had gone up by many degrees.  It should be in the high 40s by midnight with 50mph winds!
Puddles all over the place and I don't think there will be any snow by morning.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

How the weather determines our day, or night, and our animals and pets too. Two of our cats do not mind rain, the other is always inside at the first few drops.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Rained here all day too. Going to be 60 today and then snow a lot tomorrow. We've been having a lot of political discussions here too.

Val Ewing said...

We had fog and rain yesterday. Who'll stop the rain? Wasn't that a song?
We had rain ... now it is frozen again. Crazy weather.