Sunday, February 26, 2017

It Came And Went

There was snow on the ground this morning.  We have been so spoiled!

 Abbe has rolled so many times her neck is stained grey.

 When I got back in the house my brain was asking for French Toast...
and normally I don't even eat breakfast.
 Barb arrived at 11 and Little Wonder had his second session.
He did well but seemed a little passive.  I am so in awe of this training style, as he has really learned to think and pay attention. 
 Phoebe wanted to participate, especially since treats were involved.  Today I diced up a carrot and LW thought that was just fine.  Phoebe only likes cooked carrots.

 I was at the gallery by 12:45 for our jam session.  It was really a good one today.
In March we have the first of several performances coming up and we are trying to fine tune our piece at a time.  Several people do solos and sometimes we all sing.  I love to harmonize.
Most in this group are there every single Sunday afternoon and little by little we have really grown together.  Can't beat music.... I have learned so much over the past year.
Today we worked on at least 15 songs:
City of New Orleans, Hallelujah, Wagon Wheel, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Fire, Six Days on the Road,
Those Were the Days, Abilene, The Rose, Amazing Grace and several more.  Great variety.

I did not get home until 4:30.  Gary and the pups had a very quiet afternoon 
by the fire and loved it.

 Fortunately the sun appeared late afternoon and all the snow melted.
Still felt very cold to me.

  I had taken some cabbage soup out of the freezer earlier,
 so at least we had something for dinner.
 A weird side...cottage cheese (that needed to get eaten) and peaches.
We called it dessert.

 Our two pups sure love attention....and get it in big doses.
Night all.
We are going to watch the Oscars tonight as it should be very interesting!
So far we have not seen one movie.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Ha! I had French toast this morning too. Love the pictures of the pups. Not watching the Oscars though. We haven't seen one movie either. Enjoy the fire.

Nancy J said...

lovely sessions , great singing, and still cold.

Val Ewing said...

Time for rolling! Our are doing that too. Getting ready to start shedding. We are in wicked wild swaps of weather. 50's today and tomorrow and then freezing rain again.

thecrazysheeplady said...

No. fruit. with. food. Especially cottage cheese :-D.