Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Hearty Harh Harh Day....

After posting last night, the moon called out to me and I had to go out on the porch in my PJs to grab a shot.  It was beautiful.
 This morning the sunrise was not too shabby either.

 When it comes through the kitchen window it's like a spotlight.
 and Little Wonder
joined me
for chores.

Class at 10:30.
LuAnne brought in this hooked rug she made.  All wool and gorgeous!

 Carina delivered bread early.  I was out of control and bought 2 Farmhouse Whites (1 for Jenny), 1 Multi Grain (for Gary), Special Valentine Wheat Challah Rolls (company for dinner Friday night) and two bags of frozen pizza dough.  We are all enjoying her baking on a very regular basis
and I am loading up my freezer.

 When I let the dogs out after class, Little Wonder went on a squirrel hunting expedition.

 I had to bite the bullet and spent some time cleaning out a closet that is a total disaster area.  It holds a dresser full of my clothes, many others on hangers, a long shelf of barn clothes, leaves for the dining room table, dish towels, art supplies, vases, food processor, blender, pots, photos, games and blah, blah, blah.  All this in a very small space.  I figure if I tackle a little each day it will make a difference.  I dumped at least two huge garbage bags full. 
Why do I hang on to this stuff????????
At 3:30 the pups and I went down to Wegmans for a few things.
Little Wonder was giving me that Gucci look when I opened up the back of my Escape.

 So hard to resist.
 While I worked on dinner
 they took it easy.

I doubt if any of you have ever had this before.  It does not even have a name...
my Mom invented it.
Yesterday I prepared a batch of sauerkraut so that was already done.
Today I sauteed an onion and Polish sausage
 (while that was cooking a made a pound of pasta nuggets...usually I use noodles)
In a pot I mixed a can of cream of mushroom soup, milk and sour cream.
Then I combined all of the ingredients and popped it in the oven.
I made fried apples and onions for a side (goes with sauerkraut).  Weird, right?
 Major comfort food.
 Sidney has discovered the chair and stuffed animals Sally gave me.
Night all.
A lot of the snow melted today.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful pictures of the moon and sunrise. That was some mug on LW, he did remind me of Gucci.

And about that closet. You said it's small and holds all that stuff. Well, it sounds like you've got it so organized it doesn't need to be cleaned out. You obviously need all that stuff or you wouldn't have it in the first place...right? Ha, good luck, I've got a few of those closets here too.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Have not had time for FB lately and realized I was missing all your updates! Good to catch up :-).