Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Rest Of The Story....

This morning the temperature was around 40 degrees when the pups and I went out to the barn,
but it ended up over 60.  Feels good but what is going to happen to all the fruit trees that are starting to bud up?  This happened last year and we got no fruit!

 After feeding the horses their grain, I set out the hay.  Instead of putting it in the front paddock I pulled the sled out to the back pasture where there was plenty of sunshine and the ground was pretty dry.  Abbe always finishes first, and she followed me out.

 Maggie must have rolled in the ditch (full of water) again.

It was so gorgeous I decided to take a test ride on Sally's trike, but first
 Gary had to lower the seat.
 I put Little Wonder and Phoebe in the house
 and was on my way.  How many chances have I had to go on a trike ride in late February?

 I really needed to get some sunshine on my face.

 As soon as I approached Lake Road the horses spotted me.

 I enjoyed my ride and tucked the trike into the shed by Gary's barn so I can do it again tomorrow.  We should be in the 60s through Saturday.
 At 2pm I went down to Helen's for a meeting regarding one of our murals.
Do you recognize these birds (by Al Cretney)?  She has an amazing art collection.
 As I did not get home until 5, there was no chance that I was going to make dinner.

 We went down to the Stoneyard for a quick dinner.

Night all.

The man that was wounded (lost a kidney and his spleen) is still in guarded condition. I was told that he was not hunting coyotes, but was out looking for deer antlers....
(it was dark, how could he see anything?)
 and was in the second field (beyond those trees and behind the new house in the
back forty) when he was shot.
This morning when I was picking the back pasture, I noticed an ATV parked next to our back fence.
Late afternoon a young man picked it up and was followed home by a car (probably his Mom).  It must belong to the man who was hunting for coyotes.
I can't imagine what these two families are going through.


Nancy J said...

A great bike ride, wind in your face and hair, blowing away all the troubles of the last few days. The families will have this memory forever, and nothing will heal that wound. One is guilty, one is wounded, and yes, 2 families suffering. I do hope the man who was shot will make a good recovery. One kidney, and no spleen, a struggle, but manageable.

Val Ewing said...

Odd that he'd shoot himself when looking for sheds. I do that with Dixie all of the time and sometimes we don't get back until twilight. However you also know that I hike at night with a headlamp, so it isn't that far fetched. I hope the fellow recovers!

B : ) said...

Did I miss something? I thought you had your own trike???

Unknown said...

I hadn't heard about this accident :( so sad for the families. I love that your horses were so excited to see you!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great day for a bike ride. Last year we had no fruit on the trees either because if crazy weather. Hope that poor man recovers quickly. Terrible for the families to deal with.