Monday, November 30, 2009


It rained last night and the paddock was muddy muddy. Grey, cold and ugly out there.

I am so lucky to have that shed roof! The hay is dry and the horses have protection.

I also put a hay net in the other run in, in case any of them get kicked out.

After I washed off my boots at the hydrant, I took a few photos of the last signs of fall. Tomorrow is the first day of December!

All these beautiful green things are going to be frozen in the near future.

By now, the Snow on the Mountain (below) is usually gone!

Inside, my Christmas Cactus continues to put out beautiful blossoms.

My little palm tree continues to grow....

Does anyone know where these dry "balls" come from?

The girls lounged around, but there was no beautiful sunshine coming through the windows today.

What are you doing today Dr. Porter?

After lunch I decided to do a little shopping for myself.

When I got in the car, the sky was starting to look a lot more like winter.

As I drove east on the expressway, the sun came out for a little while.

There were all kinds of sales going on at Rowe Photo, so I went in to check out the cameras.

I looked at a Nikon...

...and a Canon (this is the one I went in to see). There was quite a range in prices, depending on where I looked. On line they were $450, at Walmart $399 and at this store (probably the best photo shop in our area) it was $369. This price will hold for most of December. I liked the rechargeable battery in the Nikon, but the Canon seemed better also is very highly rated. So I did it. Do any of you have this camera and do you have any hot tips?

I have to give this place a plug. The gentleman who waited on me was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. There are three locations in our area...this one happened to be in Greece, NY.

Home, chores,, pjs, couch time.....
Night all.


I can't stop photographing these roses. Everyday they open up more and draw me to them.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009


When I walked into the kitchen this morning, sunlight was hitting the roses on our table. They are opening up more and more each day... I choose to have them celebrate the life of Sunshine.

The pups and I went out to do chores and we were joined by Gary a few minutes later.

It was so cold! Frost everywhere.

Almost looks like a light snowfall...but it isn't.

It was not until after 8am that we made it above 30 degrees. (Which would be a heatwave in Alaska...right Gayle?)

Jackets were required.

If I shoot straight into the sun, I get this golden glow...I'm likin' it.

By the time the horses finished their grain, the frost disappeared and they ate their hay in the pasture again...the warmest spot.

Headed back toward the house and Gucci headed toward the woodpile around the base of the willow tree. I'm pretty sure she was following the scent of a squirrel.

She is really quite a hunter.

Gar and I drove down to Java for brunch.

Main Street was pretty least there was no construction going on.

Above are two of my friends, Kendra and Donna. They frequently meet in Java to catch up on the latest happenings.

I had my usual breakfast...poached eggs on whole wheat toast with homefries and a small OJ.

Joe was getting ready to drive back to NYC where he teaches. I'll bet he got a latte to go.

Chet was waiting for him out front...talking to Gary. I need to tell you about Chet. He loves to bake bread...and for the past several years he has been passing out hundreds and hundreds of loaves to his friends. All kinds! My favorite is his roasted red pepper. Frequently he would show up on Sunday morning at the Farm Market and give it away. Currently he is working on a book that sounds so interesting...he also has a website called "Breadtime Stories."
I have to go check it out. Anyway, this is one generous man. Another example of the giving people in this community.

A local photographer put up this screen in Java and said I could show some of my pics on it. I put 225 shots of sunrises, sunsets and other sky views on a disk and they are playing it for me.

Went to Wegmans and spent the rest of the afternoon reading the paper and vegging.

Tina and Justine did the chores.

You are looking at my horse barn which is over 100 years old. This part used to be for cows. When we moved here, it was full of old car parts and cow stanchions. We had to get rid of an enormous amount of junk in order to construct some stalls. As we have lost horses, walls have come down and now we have studio apartments for each of the five that are still with us. Not fancy, but clean, cozy and home sweet home.

To all my horse pals out there...I have spoken to Tina today and she is getting better by the hour.
It is quite an adjustment, but she will get through this.

I think I will go cut up a mango and a banana and throw on some yogurt. Aren't you sick of turkey by now?

Night all.

Saturday, November 28, 2009






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