Wednesday, November 18, 2009





The holidays are approaching.

The pups and I went out around 7:30 (as usual) and it was about 30 degrees.

Fortunately the sun would warm things up.

Put the hay in the pasture so the horses could feel it.

Had a grain delivery...put Phoebe and Gucci in the yard while I finished up what was left.

"Good Morning Dr. Porter! It's pretty crispy this morning."

Gary pulled in the driveway around 9:30. When I went in, the grass was it's usual green.

We had a chorus rehearsal this morning and ate lunch down at the center. I hurried home to get all of the art ready to be packed in the cars and taken out to Albion.

Fortunately I had help...thanks to Jean, Connie and Al. I can't imagine all of their work fitting in this small gallery. It is located in half of a very large home, not that different from the small galleries found in California neighborhoods. Kim (the owner) and her husband put it together last year and it has been well received. She is part of a group of local artists who showcase their works during "First Fridays" and have attracted good numbers. Independent artists have also had shows there. This is the first time my students have shown at a place other than the local Public Library (which we have done for the past 7 years). It will be interesting to see if we can draw some of our followers out of town and over to Albion.

I asked if I could photograph this beautiful blossom (which I did), and was invited to see the other side of the house where she had more flowering plants.

What a unique home. She has the supreme green thumb.

Could not resist the fish.

I have never been to a house that has two pianos in the same room. She played me a tune.

Jammed with books, antiques and various collections.

Below is the stained glass in her front door. Beautiful.

When we got outside, there were still great opportunities for picture taking.

Check out the sign in her window.

Got home around 3:30 and took a breather.

Gary had to go down to the historical society (Morgan Manning House) tonight to work on a wine tasting presentation.

At 5:15 I went out to do chores. It was actually quite mild.

and dark....

No coats for the pups tonight.

As I have said before, there is something very cozy about lights in a barn when it is dark outside.

Winnie and the rest of the ponies were tucked in for the night.

Now, I have to make tags for all the art work in the show. Night all.


Anonymous said...

Have a good time at the art show - very interesting pictures of the house - love the room with floor to ceiling books.

Pat said...

You are a very busy woman!

Your friend's house is delightful...I enjoyed "visiting" it.

Virginia said...

Loved spending your day with you! Your neck of the woods is so different from mine. What a joy to see it all.

Ken Mac said...

a full plate! Lori, thanks for asking bout my health. I am totally in the clear, thank the Lord. God is good.

Anonymous said...

I have been out of reach of the internet for a couple of weeks and boyo have I missed your blog.
So glad to see your beauty again.