Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Short Jam and Two Receptions

 Chores as usual.  It was much cooler this morning and did not get out of the 70s.
Perfect for me.

 The veggie gardens are coming on strong.

 Picked some snow peas.
 At 12:45 I drove down to Brockport, hoping to grab tomatoes at the Market before stopping
in at the Jam.  Today it was acoustic and I could only stay for about 45 minutes.
A good time.

 The four guys you see in this video are all pros.
It's really nice when they all show up on the same day.

From there, I went over to the Alumni House at the College

to a fundraiser/reception for Karen LoBracco, who is running for County Legislature.

 Cookies, cake and conversation.

 One more stop.
There was a another reception at the Morgan Manning House to honor


 and Dianne Hickerson.  
 I have posted about them in the past as Doug has written a story about me
and Dianne took care of the photography.  She also happens to be an outstanding
watercolorist and was the teacher for our children when they were in elementary school.
Not only that, she has done a lot of work with therapy dogs for years and for 3 of them
we were on the same team for a reading program at Holley Elementary School.

Together, they have done an enormous amount to promote this area.
 For decades, they have been great contributors to our community
and they will be moving out of state in a few months.
 A very nice event that meant a lot to them.
 On the way home I drove by Remembrance Park and it is looking superb!
I was on the Art and Aesthetics Committee that raised money for public art, and this is a
fabulous example by Jennifer Hecker.  Pam Ketchum is responsible for the gardens,
and you sure can tell she is a master.

Had chore duty tonight.
 Before going out to the barn I started some lomain and got veggies ready for a stir fry.
 By then, that afternoon sun was gorgeous.

 Tucked the girls in

 and then it was time to get serious about dinner.

Night all.