Monday, September 30, 2013

Almost a Herd

 Red sky this morning.  Then it looked like rain and ended up sunny in the high 70s.
 Called Stephanie (farrier) yesterday to see if she could help us out with Maggie and sure enough, she arrived this morning around 9.
 She did a great job and Maggie should be much more comfortable...

 She also checked Angel and ended up giving her a trim too.

 After that, we put all the girls together in the big pasture.
 Yesterday they had their lead ropes we took them off and stayed there for about 20 minutes.
 So far, so good.

 Got domestic again in the house.  Made some bean salad.
 After a trip to Wegmans I did a little reading.

Supper before chores.  Home fries and
 grilled Zwiegles.
 Like a picnic.
 Put the girls in at 7 and poor Berlin was still lumpy and bumpy.  More benedryl.

 They all like getting tucked in at night.

Night all.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Lot Was Cookin'

 Last night Maggie lost a shoe, and this morning Karen managed to

 get the other three off on her own.  She did a great job and Maggie was perfect.
The farrier is coming tomorrow morning and we are going to see if she can go barefoot from now on.
 We decided to see how the five girls were together in the big pasture and had Maggie and Angel on leads.  Abbe was very interested.

 Fortunately things remained quiet and after 20 minutes we separated them again.  Hopefully they can all be together soon. 
 After that, I don't know what hit me, but I got very busy in the kitchen.
 Picked apples and made a tart.

 Sauteed peppers and froze them.

 Made applesauce.
 (Jenny came up to pick the last of the tomatoes....more sauce)
 Tried a new recipe for cucumber dill salad dressing with Greek yogurt and a lot of other stuff.

 Had some meatballs in gravy so added white wine and sour cream....on noodles.
 The salad dressing was only so-so.  No zip to it.

After we ate, it was the girl's turn.

 Poor Berlin must have gotten into some bees...her face, neck and check were lumpy, bumpy.
I rinsed her off with some alcohol and gave her some benedryl.  Yuck!  Will have to check on her again tonight.
Good Wife starts at 9....gotta go now.
Night All!