Thursday, September 12, 2013

Too Much Salt....

 Even tho it rained off and on this morning, it sure felt a lot better than the last two days.
 After chores I met Gary in Brockport to discuss our homeowners insurance with a new agent.  He gave us a ton on information and we will have to make some decisions.  I was dressed to go to Agape, but we finished up so late I had to go home, shower and get back to the village for our first day of bridge.  This car was in the garage when we arrived.  Vintage.
 The gardens were winding down, but still beautiful.

 Lorna and I had some pretty crappy cards.

Home around 4:30 with company coming for dinner.  I had made some leek and potato soup...this time with organic veggie stock (Guests are vegetarians).  It tasted flat and when I tried to make it better, added TOO MUCH salt and didn't dare to serve it.  Judy and Randy were going to arrive at 6:30...what to do?


 Tucked the girls in for dinner at 5:30 and put them back out two hours later.  By then the sky was gorgeous.

 At 6:05 I started on a new dinner.  Caramelized some onions and par boiled some carrots and peas.  Tossed it altogether and added lots of cheese.
 Judy made bread....

 and some oreo and peanut butter cookies for dessert.
 Did we love them or what?
 Served with a scoop of ice cream....French vanilla.

She sure knows her way around the kitchen.
A long overdue evening with good friends.  We don't get to see each other enough.
Night all.

Yippppeeeee.  It's supposed to be a high of 56 tomorrow.


Nancy J said...

Wow, that will be a cool day, lovely meal, super flowers. And your sky colours are truly gorgeous. Cheers from Jean

Oak Creek Ranch said...

A high of 56? That's serious fall weather! I was doing a happy dance because our highs are in the 80s. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has over-corrected with salt. Dinner ended up well - pass me an oreo.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Too much salt turned out to be wonderful it looks delicious. Sometimes mistakes point us in a very different but wonderful direction. Beautiful pics Lori. Hug B