Sunday, September 22, 2013

Now Brockport Has Two Gourmet Groups!

I have to start with the moon shots from last night.  Everyone was in bed but me.

 This morning I went out to the barn a little early so I could make breakfast for thecrazysheeplady and Saint Tim (as they were ready to leave before 8:30).  Karen was here by 7 and she and Lorrie took over after the horses got fed.  So nice to have help.
 The weather was much improved over rain and we started off with bright sunshine.

 Tim loaded up the car and they were ready to leave...but not before going to Wegmans.

 Today was their 10th Anniversary.  Two very sweet and happy people.
 Bye Sara, we had a great time!
 After they left I went back out to the barn and everything was done.  Thank you Thank you.
 Breezy with a high in the 50s, so Angel wore a sheet.

 It appears to me that Maggie would rather be in the big pasture.

 Gary put the plexiglass windows in the horse barn today....low 40s tonight and the Florida girls are not quite ready for it.

 Company coming for dinner.
 Did evening chores a little early.

 I forgot to take pictures of our appetizers...
Dinner was fantastic.  Roger and Tina brought German Potato Salad....
 Gary grilled boneless pork chops and a side of onions...
 Ann made a salad of mixed greens with pears, nuts and blue cheese....

 I started marinating yesterday....bought a gigantic pork loin and they cut it into 18 pieces...we grilled 9 tonight.  The marinade-low sodium Soy Sauce, a little Italian dressing and a mixture of brown sugar and mustard on the top.  Flipped it this morning.  Very moist and bursting with flavor.  Gary did a perfect job in the grilling department.  So tender.

 Ron thought my bandanna napkins were for entertainment did Brenda.

 (Gary got up to make coffee and Gucci jumped in his chair)
 Brenda made dessert.  Two pies.
One-chocolate cream....
 the other - coconut cream....are you drooling, 'cause they were off the charts.

 As usual, we had a great time with these good friends
(and they all know how to cook!)
Night all....I'm still tired.
Maggie and Angel seem to be adjusting well.


Tombstone Livestock said...

You have a very busy household with all your house guests and barn guests. I take it the vet worked magic on the horse from Florida and it is settling in fine.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Pass me a pork chop and a slice of coconut cream pie.