Saturday, September 21, 2013


Time to catch up on some sleep.  I have not read in a week and am running on low.  On my way out to the barn I needed an umbrella and it rained all day!  Sara and Saint Tim went to a Fiber Festival/Fishing.  Too bad the weather was so crappy.

Maggie and Angel were turned out in what will be their regular run-in and pastures for the first time.  I'm not so sure Maggie is going to let Angel in, but we shall see.

 All the girls are sharing a fence line and so far so good.

 When Angel and Maggie came in for hay, they watched us in the grooming room as we were shredding paper and cleaning tack.

 By noon I put all the horses in their stalls.  Angel sure did not need to get a chill and get soaked after everything she has been through.  So they vegged and I went to drumming.

We got moved to another space as there was a workshop going on in the Strasser Studio.  The acoustics were very different
At some point during every session, we all have the opportunity to solo.  Below is Zak, who really knows what he is doing.  When he was a little boy, his Mom boarded a horse and pony here.  Never expected to be in a drumming group with him 30 some years later.

I'm hoping to get some of the drumming group members to drum at a big cancer walk in Rochester that will be held on October 20th.  A great cause.

 Stopped at Weggies on the way home and did not get here until around 5.  Put the ponies back out and cleaned all the stalls.  Set them up for the night feeding and shredded more paper while they ate some grass and got rained on again.

 Put them in for the night around 7, and wouldn't you know it....the weather started to improve.

This is going to be a nice, mellow evening.


Sara cleaned up at the Fiber Festival.  Check this out!!!!

 The hat and sweater were made from wool she got from her sheep, after she went through all the procedures it takes to finally spin it and turn it into something.  I'm sure impressed!!!!  So talented!  You can get more scoop and see her sheep by going to her site (Punkin's Patch) which is on the sidebar under "my favorite blogs."
 That's it for now.  Waiting for them to return so we can have another one of Auntie Reg's cupcakes!
Night all.


Tombstone Livestock said...

Yes indeed, Sara is very talented. Love her Marcel sweater and her sheep heid hat.

Phyllis said...

Hey there,

I haven't visited in a while and had to read back to see what the heck was going on with the horses. I'm glad the new girl is better and made it through the ordeal. Why were they moved from FL?

I live in the Raleigh area and would love to know which vet helped out. We have lots of great vets in this area and a good vet school as well.

Your posts always make me so hungry!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

We had rain here all day as well. The sun was trying to break through when we were heading out for dinner.

Michelle said...

I always enjoy your drumming clips!

Unknown said...

I love the pic of Angel looking into the grooming room! She's so nosy!
Phyllis the vet we used in the rest area was Daniel Lambert with HorseCare Veterinary Services. I didn't meat him but my shipper was very impressed with their services

Unknown said...

I love the pic of Angel peeking into the grooming room... She's so nosy!
Phyllis the vet we used was Daniel Lambert with HorseCare
Veterinary Services. My shipper was very happy with their services

Sharon Creech said...

Love to hear about the changing dynamics with the horses . . . and congrats to Sara!

The Dancing Donkey said...

I'm glad everybody is doing well there. That Crazysheeplady is amazing, such skill. I'm happy to see she cleaned up at the festival, she deserves it.