Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ponies and An Afro-Cuban Drum & Dance Workshop

 After chores I took a quick shower and went down to the college for an
Afro-Cuban Drum & Dance Workshop.  It was free and took place in the Strasser Studio where we normally have our Saturday drumming sessions.  Something different.
 Starting with the drums...  I'm used to playing a djembe...these were congas.  A whole different sound and very different hand patterns and beats.
Khalid led the first session.

Below, is Melissa Noventa, a choreographer from Toronto.  She was terrific and I even participated in a portion of the dancing.
 A good turnout.  There must have been at least 25 drummers and 15 more playing shakers etc.
 This is Oluyinka Akinjiola...she organized the event.  You may recognize her, as she came out to the farm to show me how to were my "ensemble" from Nigeria.  Currently she is completing her MFA, and teaches West African, Afro-Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban dance at the College at Brockport.  She also choreographs for the annual Sankofa African Drum and Dance Ensemble concert .
A spectacular dancer, to say the least.

After the warm up, Melissa gave all the women white skirts, which really added to the dance.

 Khalid and my drumming buddies were participating in the rhythm section.

A very good experience...felt like I was learning a new language.

Back to reality around 4 and mowed the lawn.
 Tucked the girls in a little later tonight...

 Crisp, clear and dramatic.

More new blossoms.

 Gary picked an enormous basket of veggies tonight.  The garden just keeps on giving.

 (could not believe we still had strawberries)
 Chicken Salad with celery, apples and grapes tonight.  Cut up a nectarine and we ate the strawberries too.  That would be a toasted English Muffin on the side.  So good.
It's pretty chilly out there...need to get under some covers.
Night all.


Stephen Andrew said...

That white eggplant is so beautiful. I've never had one get so big! Mine are mini.

Dreaming said...

Sleep well!

Cloudia said...

You live in SUCH a beautiful place!
(and I'm writing from Hawaii :)

ALOHA from Honolulu
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