Friday, September 6, 2013

Four Parts-One Day

Ponies, History Club (Her Stories), First Friday with Gary and Art Opening at Marti's on Main.

Part One


Part Two
(Janice's chickens)

 These girls produce fine eggs in all colors...we have had the pleasure of being given a few dozen.
 The premier chicken hotel with a fenced in 1/2 acre yard.

There about 25 women who belong to the History Club and they usually meet at each other's homes.
For most of the year they meet twice a month and two presentations are made at each meeting, based on the theme for the year.  Currently they are writing "Her Stories" and each member will write about something in their past that they want to share with family and friends. 
 Janice has a beautiful home.  (By the way, it's not all that easy to set up seating for 25).
 She plays the piano and sings with the Rochester Oratorio Society.

The two women on the left presented today.  Deb (left) traced her family all the way back to the late 1600s and told us about a bawdy woman who owned a tavern.  She has been one of my art students and has already illustrated a book she wrote on her family history.  Now she needs to illustrate the story she told us.   Bonnie (next to her) posed the question "To Camp or Not to Camp" and talked about it's merits over the past 50 years.  So interesting, it motivates me to write something.

Back to Part One for about 40 minutes.

 Lorrie did chores, and I was off to 
Part Three....First Friday at the Alumni House.

 Another good crowd.
Karen and Jenny stopped in.

Spent about 45 minutes there and headed to Albion....

 for Part Four.
The Art Opening at Marti's on Main. to my ears.  I could have sat on the porch and listened for hours....

 I've already posted a lot of student work, and it was difficult to get photographs with the glass in the frames.  A nice, strong show.
 Kim always has a nice spread in the gallery kitchen, and my students also brought goodies.

 Michael O'Keefe had a show in the upstairs gallery....acrylics.

Kim Martilotta, the gallery owner, has quite a permanent collection.  I love the looseness in this painting of horses. 
 People of all ages attended the opening....

 Donna and Tina were feelin' their cheerios.

 By that time, Roger was ready to hit the road.
Night all.
This has been a very long day.


Cloudia said...

Gosh, idyllic!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3

Two French Bulldogs said...

Ok! Ok! You live in a wonderful town, every buddy is pretty and good looking, the food looks scrumptious and we love your farm and furry ones. Something is fishy!
Benny & Lily

Nancy J said...

You live in a great community, so many events that so many share in, lovely pics and food as always. and music too...Greetings to all, Jean.

Dee said...

Dear Lori, yes, a very long day filled with life and beauty, friendship and story. Your spirit must be filled to overflowing with memories of so many good times with the women and men, children and dogs, horses and art that fill your life. A blessing to and for your very being. Peace.

Sharon Creech said...

Such a FULL long day . . .filling your well with such beautiful things and people. Great art show!

We did 'first Friday' art walk in nearby Rockland last night. So we are both filling up with art . . .

Stephen Andrew said...

I think those chickens live better than I do! Haha. How great to be in a history club. Have you done your presentation yet? I think you should do yours on the role of horses in the canal!