Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Post #7167 Ice Skating on the Driveway

Beautiful sunrise.

There was a little melting going on yesterday, but then it was below freezing last night so the driveway was a disaster.  Had to be very careful on my way out to the barn.

I raked all the hay out from under the shed roof and spread it so there will be texture on the ice in the morning.  Today it went up to 49 and there was a lot more melting.   All the icicles fell off the roof and if it freezes tonight the driveway will be a mess again.

We have had an electrician and his helper here several times trying to solve a problem from the house to Gary's barn and the indoor.  Today Harry was splicing a cable that will have to be replaced in the next few days.  Another visit.  Cha Ching....cha Ching!
The weather was quite spectacular and I hope it is the beginning of the end of winter.

This afternoon I got together with Nancy from She Sings to practice harmonies on two songs that I need help with.  Fortunately Tom stepped in and made the difference.  I sure have accumulated a lot of gear.
Late afternoon we had a pumpkin pie break and whatever we could grab for dinner.
I know that I will feel like a nap when I get out by the fire.

Night all.

I am still getting cards acknowledging the passing of Phoebe and they are very appreciated.  I have found out that there are friends who read my Journal and have been very tuned in.  Had no idea.  Such thoughtfulness.  Thank you!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Post #7166 Colcannon

Above freezing but still a little snow.

After chores Little Wonder had a 10am appointment at the Brockport Animal Hospital.
I have been living there.  He has been itchy so we had to figure out what we can do about it.
He was a very good boy for the Vet and hopefully he will improve now.
When we got back to the farm I made a pumpkin pie....just because.
Phoebe's flowers are still hanging on in a smaller format.
I'm going to hang on to this butterfly....
and it will bring back many happy memories.
Little Wonder spends many afternoons snoozing on our bed and today was no exception.
I made a trip to Weggies and picked up all kinds of interesting stuff.

Do you know what colcannon is?  This recipe appeared on FB and I just had to try it!
It was way beyond my expectations.  Our friend Judy made it for us a long time ago so I was slightly familiar with it.  First I threw one onion and some chopped cabbage in a frying pan (2 TBSP butter).
Boiled up 4 large potatoes
and made 5 slices of bacon.
Then....I put butter, salt, pepper and 1/2 cup of light cream (called for heavy) on the potatoes and mashed them.  Added half of the bacon chopped up and then folded in the cooked cabbage.  Threw it in a casserole and topped with the rest of the bacon.  Put it in the oven covered, while I waited for Gary to get home from Coop's basketball game.
Also made some drumsticks
and fried apples with onions caramelized with brown sugar.
Night all.


Monday, February 22, 2021

Post #7165 Field Trip

Snow, rain and up to 38 degrees.

Fortunately the roads were clear by 9:45 when I drove to Batavia for a dentist appointment.

At 1:30, our friend Carina S. and her three children came over for a visit with the horses.
They are home schooled and were working on an Equine unit.
Here is what she wrote about their day.

Horse Lessons today!🐴
We jumped off of
Emily Day Gavenda
's A Storied People lesson on Farmer Boy by Laura Ingles Wilder and added our own Sawyer Spin!
✍️ Memory Poem: Jack Prelutsky's "I'm Usually a Speedy Horse"
🐎 Field Trip:
Lori Skoog
hosted us at her Skoog Farm this afternoon, we fed these beauties carrots and got up close and personal with a lesson on daily horse care
📺 Sunday Movie Night: PBS Series, Equus Story of the Horse
🖼️ Painting: Norman Rockwell's, "Aunt Ella Takes a Trip" https://www.nrm.org/2011/10/aunt-ella-takes-a-trip/
🇪🇸 Spanish: Practiced counting horses, colors of horses and new vocab word- "caballo",
Eat Your Spanish
Lesson 7: Feelings because horses can tell when you're happy, sad, angry and playful!

Clara recited the poem (I'm Usually A Speedy Horse) to me and Levi asked me if I knew what caballo meant.  These kids sure learn a lot and are very comfortable sharing it.  Kudos to their Mom, who is an outstanding teacher.

It was raining when we were with the ponies and we all got wet.
Back at the house the fire felt divine.

Dinner?  White hots, roasted sweet potatoes and a big salad.
Night all.