Friday, December 17, 2021

Do You Like Leftovers?

Only 45 degrees, but an absolutely gorgeous day.

In the 30s when I got to the barn, so the sheets went back on the horses.  Fortunately inside it was in the 40s.  These big drops in temperature can cause colic and we sure don't need that.

We had heavy winds last night and more shingles came off the horse barn roof.  We are going to have to get it repaired and will be getting an estimate soon.  Called the insurance company.

This afternoon Little Wonder sat in a chair next to the fire and got blasted with sunshine.

When he moved, Seymour took over....but the sunshine had left the area.

Leftover lemon butter pasta for dinner with a new salad and we split the last piece of chicken.

Cooper has a basketball game tonight, and we plan to watch it on this computer at 7:15.  I'm really liking this option.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Flowers, sunshine, yummy leftovers, it all looks wonderful.Enjoy the game.

Terra said...

Isn't it cute how dogs and cats seek out even a bit of sun streaming in the house, and they move during the day to follow it. My pup and kitty do the same.