Sunday, December 26, 2021

Getting Off The Farm....

Grey,  Quiet, No Wind, Deep Mud.

Between melting snow and rain, the pond wass back in the pasture.
While cleaning out cupboards a couple days ago I discovered an envelope containing a gift card from Jenny that she gave to us in 2019 and we forgot about it.  Today we took it with us to The Main Street Pizza Company in Batavia and before we sat down I made sure it was still good.  It was!
If you have not patronized this restaurant yet, you absolutely need to give a try!  It's beautifully set up, clean, excellent service, a gazillion choices and we could not believe the portions.
Here is just the Speciality Lunch Menu.  You can also get pizza, wings, wraps, subs, calzones and more.  I can't imagine what their dinners are like.

We decided to make this our dinner for the day and ordered from the fresh pasta section.  Gary started with a cup of minestrone soup...

For $13, you can have your choice off the pasta menu and a salad from "specialty salads." (They called them small and they were ginormous!) The pasta is homemade and so are the salad dressings and the bread.  I ordered the Antipasto salad and Rigatoni Bolognese.  Gary ordered Chicken Parm and the House Salad.

The portions were unbelievable!

Some friends happened to come in and they ordered a Meatball Sandwich and Parmesan Fries along with 
A 1 pound meatball with rigatoni!
Incredible.  Just make sure you view it as a big dinner.
Back home by 1:30.
Little Wonder and the ponies were happy to see us.

Gary started the fire....
and we watched the Buffalo Bills game!

A happy ending.  Josh Allen sure has made a difference.

Evening chore duty.  The paddock was so muddy.
These horses are so lucky to have a dry space under the shed roof and pastures that drain well.

No cooking tonight.  Maybe some shredded wheat.
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

We are still real dry here, but are supposed to get sleet/ice/snow tonight and maybe on Tuesday.

The gals were out rolling in the sandy area today after I brushed them. Mules! :)

Ellie_In_Moz said...

Dear Lori, I have worked rather hard this past year and finally have a week off. I am blogging and visiting as much as I can this week. Love your images always. Blessings Jo