Monday, May 27, 2024

Rice and Beans

The weather was weird today.  Sunshine, rain and very strong winds.  I put the masks and fly spray on the horses and Rebel thought it was a good reason to roll.

Both horses had itchy fly bites on their chests.

Mid morning I made yet another trip to Wegmans.
Time to make a big bean salad.

Gary spent part of the day planting seeds in the gardens and I started pulling out sticky weeds by the pergola.  I had defrosted some vegetarian chili and added some rice to it for dinner.

Chores at 8.  Super windy at that time.

Little Wonder is very happy to have his nice clean bed back.  The other one was just too small.
Night all.


Sunday, May 26, 2024

Rhubarb for Jenny

Coolish and sunny until early evening.

Gary helped with morning chores and then drove to Jamestown to see some friends.  Jenny and Scott came up to get rhubarb as they were going to a dessert party tonight and she wanted to make a pie.
Scott wanted to go see the horses and took out a couple of apples for them.  They each got at least 6 slices and were very happy.
By then it was gorgeous out.

Jenny got her rhubarb and they were off to Brockport.

As the grass has continued to grow like crazy, I decided to mow.
Check out Gary's raised beds.  The plants in the front are potatoes.

Spent some time on my computer.  Also made a big bowl of rice pudding.
I had a couple of hot dogs for dinner.  No regular meal tonight.
Gary surprised me and got home before I went out for evening chores.

It looks like we are going to get some rain.
Night all.


Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Mosquitos Have Arrived

A sunny morning followed by heavy rain and lots of bugs.

After chores I changed sheets and did laundry before going down to the Shoe Dept. to look for more Sketchers.  Ended up buying the same one I already have and will sacrifice it for barn chores.  Can use my orthotics and get lots of support.  So much lighter than my rubber boots.  I spent the afternoon (while it was pouring) binging on Season 15 of Heartland.  We had a simple dinner....pork chops (topped with rhubarb chutney), sweet potatoes and a salad made with lettuce from our garden.
Little Wonder and I usually hang out until 8 when we go out to put the horses in.

The poor guys were being attacked by gnats and they both had bites on their chests and sides. 
Fortunately the barn is not full of bugs.

Night all.