Friday, January 31, 2020

The Penthouse

 Tonight, Gary, Judy, Helen and I went in to 1 East Avenue for a concert
at the Penthouse.
11th floor and a very nice venue.
 It was Judy's treat!
Many thanks!
A three part concert.
First up, the Bill Tiberio Band.
No wonder they play at the International Jazz Fest!

Next up.
Jerry Falzone and Liar's Moon.
Jerry writes a lot of their music.

Our friend and neighbor, Chris Wilson was the final performer.
Always outstanding!
He can take any song and make it his own.
He asked for requests, and played "Sweet Home Chicago" for me.
 It was good to do something different.
Rochester has a lot to offer....every night of the week.

Night all.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Back to Agape...

We had a gorgeous sunrise and a lot of good light throughout the day.

 15 degrees this morning.

 I made myself go to Agape today and
 listened to an audio book to make time fly.
Planning to join my friend HH there tomorrow.
 By late afternoon the sun returned in full force.

 Of course I tuned in to the impeachment conversation part of the time.
Gary is off to a dinner sponsored by the Merchant's Association.
He will accept an award for Kathy Kepler (from Sara's).
I'm hangin'.
Night all.