Thursday, January 23, 2020

Out To Lunch....

Another vacation day.
It started off with a beautiful sunrise....

 and the drama in the sky did not end there.

 Between the sunshine and lack of wind, the temperature ended up around 39 degrees.
 Phoebe thought it felt pretty good and she liked sitting on the back porch.

 At noon Brenda and Al picked us up and we drove out to
Alex's in Batavia for lunch.
 Every once in awhile we do that, instead of cooking for our monthly get together.
Love having a leisurely lunch with friends.

 We got back to the farm around 2:30.

 I went down to Wegmans to do some shopping and took the rest of the afternoon off.
Around 7 we had a bowl of rice and beans.  Not too hungry after that lunch.
 Of course the fire has been going....
 and I fell asleep sitting in front of it while checking on the trial in the Senate.
 We are all in a slumber mode.

Night all.

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