Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Pretty moderate today....but still grey.

 Phoebe stayed out with me the entire time today.
 Class at 10:30.

 As soon as everyone left I fed the dogs their lunch and headed
out to Rohrbachs for mine.  I met a friend who went to High School 
with me and I have not seen her in decades.  Found out she has been living in
Rochester since 1961 when she came here to attend nursing school!
In HS she was called Shirley, but when she graduated....picked up
the nickname Shaggy.  Now everyone calls her that!  We had a 
great time catching up, trying to figure out who was where
and what they were doing.  Shaggy has been a volunteer at
Lollypop Farm and we share our love for animals.  She is the
volunteer who takes dogs and cats to our local TV stations to
help find them homes.  I'll bet I've seen her and never knew it!
We will have to meet again!  This was great!
 The sky was much brighter this afternoon and it was
quite comfortable outside.
 There is no way I could have dinner tonight, as I indulged
on the best burger I have ever had when we were at the restaurant.  
Gary warmed up the leftover cauliflower casserole and had it on toast. 
 It's very good that way.

Night all.

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