Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Finally Got to See Helen (of Scotland)

Below freezing this morning
so the pups had to wear their red coats.

 Miss Berlin seems to be back to herself
and I hope she stays that way.

 After chores I took a shower and drove out to Glen Darrach Farm
to pick up our friend Helen.  She's here helping her sister, who just
had knee surgery and we finally got together.

We made a couple quick stops on the way home
and had a very simple lunch after I got  a 
nice fire going.
While we were eating, listened to Chris Wilson's
latest CD.  I picked one up for Helen when we
went to his concert at the Lyric Theatre.
When she was here the last time, we went to 
The Barn for one of the concerts and she loved his music.
 Another new blossom this morning.
 It was peeking through the back of the chair.
 Helen knows how to play the guitar, and last year she figured out
how to play my baritone ukulele.  Seeing that I have two, it's fun to
mess around....so we had Gary join us on sticks and we sang
a little this afternoon.  We had never done this together and
it was a lot of fun.  I sent her home with a uke and some music
so she can practice.  I'm sure we will play again....by then she
will be hooked and getting her own uke when she goes back to Scotland.

 The dogs rode with us when I took her back to Andrea's.
 They love riding in the car.

 Tonight we had leftover antipasto and some
sweet and sour meatballs Jen sent up.  Maybe
we can start having regular meals again.
Started watching a new Netflix series
and that's going to be it for the duration.

Wishing all our friends good health and happiness in 2020.

Night all.

Jen, Finn and Coop
Have the boys grown a lot or what????

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