Saturday, August 31, 2019

Brockport Reads....

Another very busy day.
The weather was perfect!

 After chores I grabbed a very quick shower and drove down to
 Sagawa Park with a basket full of books.
We have had a program called Brockport Rocks for years, where kids (and adults)
paint rocks and hide them for others to find and rehide.  I saw a video from Great Britain
where they were hiding books instead.  So four of us got together and came up with a plan that was launched today. We gathered about 60 books and hung 35 or so from a tree and on a chain so kids
could come and help themselves.  After they read the books, they will put them back in
the plastic bags and hide them.
Yesterday we put photographs and directions on FaceBook....on Brockport Rocks,
Mom's Club, Cool Kids etc.  The response was amazing.  Over 60 shares and 100+ likes....not to mention all the positive comments.

 My friend Donna is just finishing her term as the interim director of our local Library
and she has been very helpful.

This sweet little two year old was the first to pick a book.

Hopefully it will catch on and when books are found, they will take a photo and post
it on our Brockport Reads page.

At 10am I had to meet many politicos at Grinds to get organized for a door to door walk
in Brockport and Clarkson.
 This is the first one Mary and I had participated in and it was truly the kick off for our 2019 campign.
 We ran into our running mate from 4 years ago while she and her family were out for a walk.

 Running for office takes a lot of energy.
 By the time I got back to the farm, I was starving and ready for a break.
 Somehow I managed to make a batch of gazpacho, which we will have tomorrow.
 Chore duty tonight.  Nice and cool.

 There's that eye again....
 Dinner was leftovers.
Chicken, corn salad, pickled beets,
Joan's homemade applesauce and Chet's bread.

Night all.

Friday, August 30, 2019