Monday, October 31, 2016

Jail Bird...

 A bright start to the day.


 We had a pretty good frost.

 Phoebe and Wonder lasted in the barn for about 40 minutes, then I put them in the back yard
while I finished chores.

 LW looked like he was in jail.

 That morning light was begging me to take some photos when I got back to the house
so I picked up a glad blossom that had dropped off and put it on a white plate.
 I was motivated by one of my blogging friends (Mulewings in my favorite blog sidebar) who was working on simple still life set ups yesterday.  She has a fabulous camera and I was still using my little point and shoot.

 Gary and I went out to the studio to hang our two enormous paintings that we brought home from the show yesterday.  When it gets colder and we have to meet in the house, I am going to miss this space.  Tomorrow it should be ok as we will be in the 60s.

 I had to go to the bank and took the dogs with me.  They always love to go for a ride.

 After we got home I did some computer work and Little Wonder was in his usual spot.
 I started on dinner late afternoon.
A cauliflower casserole.
First I threw the cauliflower, a couple of onions and three carrots into a pot of water.
 In the meantime I boiled some eggs.
 When fork tender, I put the veggies in a glass container and made a couple cups of stock by adding organic chicken paste to remaining liquid.
 Then I made a cheese sauce using salt, butter, flour and stock.  When it thickened I added the cheese.
 Poured it on top of the veggies and baked at 350 until in bubbled.
 I chopped up three of the eggs and added them for the last 5 minutes.
(The dogs split the last egg for dinner).
 The salad was mixed greens with apples/craisins and walnuts.
 Topped everything off with some of Carina's Challah bread.  
So good.
 That's all she wrote.
Night all.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

In the 50s with wet stuff off and on all day.

 When I finished chores I did not feel well...light headed and my nose was all plugged up!
Yuck.  I did a steamer with Vicks under my nose and took a hot shower so I could manage to get down to A Different Path Gallery to take down our Show.  Fortunately Gary drove and everyone picked up their work.
No Sunday Jam for me.  Instead I went home and was prone for the rest of the afternoon.
This is the last of the glads....I keep taking off the bottom blossoms that are wilted.
(Notice how I can't leave my camera alone).

 We had a nice fire going and I was in and out of napping.
 At 5:45 it was chore time...and I felt much better than I did earlier.

 The girls were wet...especially Abbe and Berlin.  Maggie and Angel are good at keeping them from coming under the shed roof.

 As we were leaving, Seymour crawled into a pile of hay....
 and Little Wonder thought that looked like fun.

 Phoebe just observed.

 We were all pretty damp by the time we got back to the house.

 I made some rice to go with last nights chili and a quick side of cucumbers and onions.
A weird combo, but I did not have it in me to go to the store for more greens.
Back to my comfort zone for the rest of the evening.
Night all.