Friday, October 31, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Here We Go....

 A crisp but beautiful start to the day.

 After chores I picked the pastures (otherwise there would be no pictures from this angle).
 The light was so beautiful.

 We actually had a handful of morning glories in full bloom.

 A few of these yellow posies are hanging on too.

 I saved the stock from the cauliflower casserole I made a couple of days ago and used it as the base for some minestrone.  Knew I would not have time to make dinner after having a Center meeting at 3....
 The meeting was jammed and there was nonstop chatter.  This is going to take some doing.
 Chores at 6.

Dinner at 6:30.
A salad with Greek olives and Feta cheese...
 along with the minestrone.
Night all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dark for Morning Chores, Dark for Evening Chores

This morning I heard that it not only reached 78 yesterday, it reached 80.
Quite a change when I went out to the barn today.

 Ha Ha Ha!  Will we really have a chance for some snow flurries on Saturday?

 Chorus this morning.  We got through a lot of material.
 Before we started to sing, I took a short video of the line dancers at "The Center."  They are there every Wednesday when we come in for chorus.
I think we are going to make a calendar for a fund raiser and show off some of these seniors.

 I actually took a real nap this afternoon, under a blanket and cozy.
Gary had an extra long duty with the boys, so I drove down to Bergen...
 to get them a pizza at Ralph and Rosie's.
 Even picked up a few cookies at Greg'rys.

 By the time I tucked the girls in tonight, it was dark again.  Pretty soon it will be pitch black by 5.  Always a hard adjustment.


 I know...these two shots are fuzzy, but I like the movement of the windmill.
Night all.