Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 The change of light has me sleeping later.  Did not wake up until 7:10 (which is late for me).  By the time I got out to the barn things were much brighter.
 We almost hit 70 degrees today.
 Class at 10:30.  Loaned Karen a little couchie thingie from the Studio so I moved some things around before everyone arrived.

 Tina, Lais and I went out to the garden afterward and picked spinach and a few other things.
Had lunch and headed down to Weggies, which turned into 3 bags of groceries.  Of course my buddies came along for the ride.

  Any moment that I was not doing something, I worked on notes for tonight's workshop meeting with the Town Board.  This has been a very interesting process and I hope we made some progress.  Really appreciated having the opportunity for some dialogue.  I now have 3 full notebooks stuffed with info that has been gathered.  Can't say enough about the committee I am working with.
Night all.
Chorus tomorrow morning.


Michaela said...

Hi Lori! Just coming by to check on you! Nice post! And I love the last photo! "Sweden Town Hall" has gotten colder now here in Småland, we did have a fantastic summer though and autumn was/is great too. Much colder but the colours are awesome this year :D Hoping for a nice winter with some snow and lots of sun :) ...(one can wish) ;) KRAM Michaela

Jo said...

I love the painting of the waterfall and figures. So alive! And of course, I just love your two poochies who are always around. Lori, at your next art class, won't you please photograph the poster which say "art" and underneath "water" I'd love to see it in total! Have a great day. Jo

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great art from your students.

Your two pooch companions are just too adorable. I'd take them with me too when I could. They seem to enjoy their trips.

Hope it all turns out well with the Town Board.