Monday, October 13, 2014

I Need Eight Days This Week

 Crazy weather.  73 degrees today, with a little rain off and on.

 Phoebe and Gucci had a 10:30 appointment with the groomer.  Boy!  Did they need it.
 Took the back roads on the way home.

 Picked them up at 2:30.  The were ready to hit the road and looked nice and clean.

 Back to the farm and spent the afternoon finishing up the presentation for the Town Board.
 Tucked the girls in by 6....

 and went out to Randy and Arlene's for dinner.

 Every fall they invite us over for this incredible casserole.
First, a layer of homemade sauce, then zucchini, eggplant, peppers, onions and thinly sliced potatoes in layers.  Add ricotta cheese, more layers, top with sauce (she also threw in a few meatballs) and finish with shredded mozzarella.  Bake at 350 until veggies are tender and sauce is bubbling.  (Not sure about time...maybe 50 or 60 minutes?????)
 Rich, smooth flavors!  Big yum.

Naturally we ended the evening with a game of Sequence....which Arlene and I lost for the 10 millionth time.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Wow, I'm saving that recipe for later when our zucchini are ready. Looks like you had, again, a very full day.Cheers,Jean

Jo said...

Phoebe and Gucci look beautiful. We'll have to have Megan groomed when we get home next month.