Wednesday, October 15, 2014


 What an ugmo day.

 It was a rush to get to chorus by 9:30, but I made it.
 They had today's Democrat and Chronicle article waiting for me.
 I got all kinds of emails and calls, not to mention a bottle of champagne, which I will share with the SSC Committee.  I am so pleased.  Spent much of the afternoon on the phone or at my computer.

At 5 we picked up Scott and went to Rochester for and event at the City Grill.
Jenny put together a fundraiser for her boss, Assemblyman Harry Bronson.

 The room was packed with "Women for Bronson"....and men too.
 She brought along some of her Brockport buds to help with the sign in.
 Gerri and Karen
 Jenny is the Chief of Staff for Harry's office.
(This is Harry)
 Congresswoman Louise Slaughter was the real hostess of this event.  She absolutely dazzles me
and has represented us very well for many terms.  Bright, witty and bursting with personality.  Washington knows this lady very well.
 Hanny (my partner in crime) was also there tonight.

 Below, Jenny is standing next to her co-worker and Harry's campaign manager....Alan.
 Gary is here with the new party chair, Dave Garreston.
 There are some mighty fine women in Rochester, and they sure turned out to support Harry.
 Once again, I owe thanks to Karen for doing chores so I can go out gallupvanting.

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Jo said...

Congratulations Lori, in saving the center! Is that you in blue?