Friday, October 17, 2014

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow....

 Last night we got home so late I did not get my post up until after midnight.
Here's what happened before we went into the Art/Fashion Show.

Yesterday it was so dark at 7am the barn light was still on.

 Gary ordered a load of pea gravel and is making some improvements in the back yard.

 It will end up being so much better.
 So far so good with the morning glories...they are tougher than I thought.
 Pulled out some carrots and one of them was at least a foot long.  Want to clean them up and put some rounds in the freezer.
 Bridge at 1.  Did not do very well at all.
 By the time I drove home the weather was quite improved.

Karen did chores so Gary and I could go into Rochester for the Art/Fashion Show.

 This morning was not very pretty.  More rain and the front paddock was greasy.

 We put away the farm wagon for the season.
 At 11 we drove into Rochester with Carol and Topper.
Lunch at Swan's Market....They had never been there.
 We had a 10 minute wait and after that, the line kept getting longer and longer.

 We all started out with smoked Bratwurst soup...delish.
 Classic German food.
 Can you figure out what we are eating?

 We didn't lollygag for long, as people needed our seats.
 Got home and was gabbing on the phone when our new farrier showed up.
He did Maggie and Angel on Wednesday and came back to do Berlin and Abbe today.
 Both girls were great...
 and Ben is very good at this.
 Perfect!  He lives right near us.

 Tucked the girls in just before dark.
 Not making dinner tonight.
However! Tomorrow is going to be another very busy day.
We will have drumming here at the farm, followed by dinner.
 Rest time.
Night all.

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Michelle said...

I hope you post some pics of drumming at your farm!