Friday, October 3, 2014

Just Too Busy

About that header shot...
I grew up on Chautauqua Lake, which is in western New York.  Had a Huckelberry Finn childhood and thought is was the same for all kids.  Got up early in the morning, put on my swimming suit, grabbed a towel and went out on the dock to finish sleeping.  Woke up all sweaty and rolled into the water to cool off.  My weekends were spent dancing up at Midway.  It was a roller skating rink with open windows facing the lake....quite like the movie "Dirty Dancing."  I was probably 16 or 17 in the  picture above (which someone made into poster size).  Just found it when we were cleaning out the attic a couple days ago.  My thing was slalom skiing...everyday if I could.  That was the life.  Now, I don't think it would be remotely possible to get out of the water on one ski.  Before that, I was crazy about horses and rode my friend's ponies whenever I had the chance.
That, I can still do.

So what did I do today?
 You know the drill.

 The History Club I am in held it's meeting here today, so after chores I had to get the house ready.  Fortunately Gary came home after coffee to help me.
 First, I decided to get some flowers from the garden.  Got sidetracked by the romaine and raspberries.
 Of course my two sweet girls were keeping me company.
 They are feeling fall.

 Just when I had everything ready, our friend Dixie stopped in with her husband for a short visit.  They live in Iowa and are not in this neck of the woods very often.  SO good to see them and catch up.
 After they left I took a quick shower and started setting up for 20 guests.

 My co-hostess supplied us with three fresh pies from Kelly's Farm.
 and pumpkin.
 They sell about 14,000 pies a year.  It has been an apple farm for as long as I can remember and we used to take our kids there when they were little, for cider and donuts.
 There were two presentations today and both were outstanding.  Our theme this year is "unexpected consequences" and all 25 of us have to come up with a topic that fills this requirement.
 Everyone left a little after 4.  I put the house back together and was not all that interested in making dinner.......again.

It started to rain a little after 5 and I ended up putting the horses in around 6.

 Just before I finished, the sun came out and there was a rainbow.
 If I had only gotten out there a couple minutes earlier.

 I made myself thaw out some chili and created rice and beans with a salad.
Tomorrow is going to be crazy.  A hay delivery in the morning.  Karen is moving to her new apartment and drumming at 1.  And oh yes, Jenny and Scott are taking Gary and me out for our birthday dinners.  Better get some sleep.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like you had an enchanted magical childhood. Lucky girl. Loved the pictures.

Jo said...

Oh wow, Lori. What a gal you were. And still are! Look at what you still pull out of the hat for functions, dinners, get-togethers! I would have had a slice each of those pies for dinner as well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Have a great weekend. Jo

Anonymous said...

That header pic is fantastic! You really look like a poster girl and all, I can just see the heading
"Come to Chautauqua Lake for the best summer of your life"

You've got a busy life for sure but that's so much better than the opposite.
Bon weekend!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I love that header shop and the one of you on the pony.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

As I was saying before my screen locked up... I love that shot of you water skiing and the one of you on the pony. I water-skiied a few times as a younger person and loved it. Your childhood sounds idyllic and your love of living in the country continues on.

Nancy J said...

I think I have missed your last 3 posts, but you will see why, I went to Foxton. Happy Birthday to you both, guess I missed them too. Lots of Good Wishes from down here, Jean.

thecrazysheeplady said...

LOVE that header shot!!! :-D