Saturday, October 4, 2014

No Hay Today....

We had rain last night and it was still spritzing this morning.  No 8am hay delivery.

 Karen finished moving her food and belongings to her new apartment, so Jenny and I went down to help her get set up.  Sally walked over with her hands full of housewarming gifts.
The first thing Karen did was to post this card I had made for her
 along with this wall hanging from Jen.  Sweet.
 While she got things organized in the bathroom, Jen, Sally and I unloaded boxes and did the dishes so her cupboards could be set up.
 Later in the afternoon her bed and dressers were going to be transported by Doug.
 Does she look happy or what?

 I went home, took a shower and turned right around for the drive back to the village and drumming.  It was a very good session.
 Home around 4:30....boy did it feel cold outside.
 The morning glories don't seem to mind.

 Finally, the sky was beautiful...just when it was time to tuck the girls in.

Tonight Jenny and Scott took us over to Grampa Sam's for our belated birthday dinners.
 You can always count on this place for good food.  So consistent.

 We had a lot of laughs and ended up back at the farm for dessert and coffee.  It is such a pleasure to spend time with these two.  Thank you.  Thank you.
Gary built us a beautiful fire.
We are headed for the high 30s.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

yes, I missed Friday's post too.Lovely photo, and that was what I saw all day Saturday, slightly different dress code. I grew up on a dairy farm, and probably thought everyone would be driving a tractor by the time they were 10, feeding out hay and silage, milking cows, and more.Fancy living by a lake, wow, and how times change, and our perception of life then and now, Cheers,Jean.

Nancy J said...

It's so good to have photos from the past, you look like that was so much fun. Lovely fire, we have ours burning too. Another busy day, guess you are getting colder nights by now. Here, in NZ, lots of snow down south, and further north from us, but spring bulbs flowering, and garden veges are growing, warmer days ahead. Cheers to all at your home, Jean. p.s. hope the birthday dinner was a treat for all.