Saturday, October 11, 2014

Could Have a Frost Tonight....

 A crisp 43 degrees this morning.

 After chores I decided to mow the lawn.  Beats the heck out of raking leaves.

 The field to the south of our farm started out with bush beans, and now it has been reseeded and is growing like crazy.

 Yesterday the field to the North was harvested.  Soy beans.
 If the weatherman is right, this could be the last day for the morning glories.

 Drumming there around 1:30.  Khalid is giving us some harder rhythms.
 Next Saturday we will practice here and have dinner afterwards.  Looking forward to it.
When I stopped at Jenny's to let the dogs out, Karen was walking down the street with her two charges (she is dog sitting).  They are sweet little girls.  Had to stop at Weggies and Tractor Supply (taking advantage of a sale on pellets/bedding) before I got home.

Chores at 6:30.

Then I went over to Peggy B's house for a getogether with a bunch of horsewomen.  Have not done that in decades.  We never stopped talking.

Nice for a change!
Night all.


Dreaming said...

Your days exhaust me... and I'm just reading what you do.
Oh, I hope that frost doesn't come yet.

Nancy J said...

Suddenly you are almost into winter mode, and nothing beats a get-together with friends. Cheers,Jean.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Gorgeous pictures. You have a lovely place. Always so busy you must sleep like a stone.

Michaele said...

We got another frost. This time I didn't know it was coming. (sigh) I had to break out the mower again also - so I am a little confused as to just what time of year it is! A horsewoman get together with no men or horses. Sounds fun!

Terry said...

Love the get together! I did that yesterday. It really makes me feel connected.
Below freezing here tonight.