Friday, October 24, 2014


Today I actually had a chance to slow down a bit.
 After chores, Gary and Tom supervised the movement of manure and rototilling (by Gordy and his outstanding John Deere) to prepare for the planting of garlic in three different locations.  About 2000 cloves.
Carol and I ran errands.  Our first stop was the Senior Center, where I checked out the name of the pool table that is no longer being used...and we want to sell it.  Had a chance to chat with many and they are very enthusiastic about the changes in our future.
 Our second stop was Apple Creek Farm where we walked away with at least three bushels for ourselves and the horses.
 Last stop was Wegmans, then back to the farm for lunch.  Carol and Tom packed and we did a little picture taking before Gary drove them to the airport.

 I actually sat down for a couple of hours and looked over a grant application.  Have never done any grant writing, but Hanny and I are going to give it a shot with the help of friends who are experienced.  Why not.  Of course it would be for the Senior Center....which soon will be called 
"The Center."

Chores around six, as my battery was giving out in my camera.

 This was an absolutely gorgeous day.
 Dinner was an instant replay, except for the fried apples and onions I added to the mix.
The knockwurst exploded....
Night all.

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Birdman said...

These scrumptious meals! What's YOUR secret for keeping the LBs off?