Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Marathon Day Part II

 Back to the farm around noon.  Frozen, so we fired up the woodstove in the kitchen.
 More company coming tonight ... I made an apple pie.

 Today the morning glories were still providing me with beautiful subject matter.  Right now (10:24pm) it is 34 degrees out there....doubt if they will make it through the night.

 Gary made a lot of progress in the back yard today.  Pea gravel will be filling in these areas.
 As per usual, the late afternoon sky was the most beautiful.
 Chores a little before 6.  The girls wore sheets today.

 Everyone arrived at 6:30....our Senior Center Committee.
 We had a dinner meeting and it looks like we have a lot more to do in preparation for a new director.
 Gucci let me know it was her turn for dinner and she wanted some spaghetti.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Those Morning Glories are indeed glorious, such a beautiful shade. Sounds mighty cold at 38F. Warm as toast down here. Jean