Saturday, April 30, 2016

Time To Catch Up....

Karen had chore duty this morning and for the first time, I did not get out 
to the barn until after 8.

 Phoebe did not have to wear her sweater.  That's a good sign!
 Gordon B. arrived on the scene to rototill Gary's gardens.  It won't be long before the rhubarb will be ready.

 If you look out between the barns you can see the progress that has been made 
on the house behind the back pasture.  It sure has put the kabash on my
view for picture taking.

 Look what has come back on the scene!  Huge blossoms and more coming.

 By mid morning I grabbed a shower and was off and running.
Country Max for a sale on Cat food, Tractor Supply for pellet bedding and horse treats, the bank for moola, gas for the car, stopped in at Sallys and finally hit Wegmans on the way home.
When I walked to my car at Tractor supply, this truck was parked near me with 6 dogs in it.
They were all beauties!

 It was warm enough for Gary to paint, so he got a good start on the Studio.
The green is darker than it was and looks great with the green metal roof.
 Is Phoebe looking good or what?  She seems to be doing very well.

 I practiced my Uke for awhile before starting on dinner.
Looking forward to tomorrow's jam.
 So in the mood for potato salad.

 A cucumber/onion/tomato salad and veggie burgers.  Delish.
 Tucked the girls in a little after 7.  They are loving this weather.

 After chores I checked on Gary in the studio, where he was priming those huge canvases.  The one I am going to paint has to be about 5 x 7 FEET!  Should be fun.

 I just saw this picture of The Center that Deanna (Director) posted on FB.
The chair rail and panels are going up ... WOW!  Things are really starting to shape up.
Do I love this color!
I think I have finally hit the wall.
Night all.
Here's one more song from Chris Wilson.

Friday, April 29, 2016

This Was A Marathon Day!

 Gucci received flowers from our friends Carol and Topper.  They were on our doorstep when I got home last night and today Sara dropped off Rhubarb bread and a nice note.  We have such great and compassionate friends!

This morning was chilly and we had more mackerel scales in the sky.

 Phoebe had to wear her sweater again.

 They have been making a lot of progress on the house being built in the back forty.
 By 9:30 I was down at The Center delivering flowers, helping to hang up paintings and helping Chris Wilson with a sound check.  He was setting up for a benefit concert being held tonight on behalf of the Sweden Senior Seniors and there was a lot that had to be done.
 Chris graduated from Brockport High School and has performed all over the world.  Everywhere from Croatia to living in Hong Kong for two years.  He has an amazing voice, is an extraordinary musician and writes beautiful music.

 Things were looking pretty good when I left...lots of help from 
Deanna (who was very organized), Roger, Barb and Sal.

At 2pm I went to the college for the Inauguration of the 7th President of the 
State University of New York College at Brockport.
 It was held at the SERC.

 There must have been close to a thousand people there, including many dignitaries.
Rochester Mayor/Lovely Warren, The County Executive/Cheryl Dinolfo, Lt. Governor/Kathy Hocul,
Nancy Zimpher/Chancellor/State University of New York and many more.
 Heidi Macpherson has been here for 9 months and has brought so many good things to the college and community.  She is the first woman to become President and is off to a smashing start.

 There was a performance interlude, presented by the Sankofa African Drum and Dance Ensemble.
Many of the drummers are from our Saturday drumming group and as usual, they were outstanding and added so much energy to the event.
 At the conclusion of the swearing in, there was a reception loaded with all kinds of food and drinks.
 After that I got my haircut and didn't get home until 5:30.
Just enough time for Gary to get cleaned up, feed Phoebe and get down to The Center for the concert.
 Chris is standing with Maryellen G., who used to be his music teacher.  She is the director
of the Sweden Senior Singers.
 The music started at 7 and he played until 8:30, doing a few covers and many of his original songs.
The place was filled to capacity and he was amazing.

 The chorus members contributed volumes of desserts and coffee was available at the conclusion of the program.
 Those who attended were very happy with the entire evening and could not wait to buy Chris's CDs.
We bought two of them....
A crazy day....but well worth all the effort it took  from 7:00am-9:30pm.
Night all.