Saturday, January 31, 2009


This morning I went into cardiac arrest when I started taking pictures and they looked like this...

and this....
And these next two also.  This is my friend Christy and her "blue" Golden Doodle, Tommy Boy.

Just when I wanted to take a lot of pictures, my camera was GOOFY!!!!.  I called SONY and they had me go back to the original settings and it still didn't work.  Got all the information to send it in for repairs....went to the menu and adjusted some settings and voila...

Testing, Testing!  These last few photos were taken after I made some menu selections, and I think it is working.
Phoebe never refuses the opportunity to assist me as a model.

These two photos are of "Peace Rockets" (one of my students came up with the name) that were made in my workshop.  The one on the lower right was brought to me as a gift from India, and the other two were our versions.

This is a sculpture called "Dirty Edy."  Just part of my test.

As for what I did today....chores, shoveled the driveway with Gar, tea and fabulous cookies with friends who stopped by, tried to figure out my camera, chores, solo dinner as Gary is at a football banquet down at the college (he donates a trophy to the MVP each year), put more wood on the fire so I can sit in front of it after I take a nice HOT shower.  Maybe I can find a good movie on the tele (vision).
Just think, after tomorrow, only 4 more weeks until March....

Friday, January 30, 2009


The horses do not seem to mind the weather as long as their hay is available.
From Death Valley to the Arctic Circle.

Reality set in and Gary picked up his shovel.

Phoebe made an entrance and ran around like a wild child...."I wonder what Sheba would think about all this white stuff..."  "It sure doesn't feel like the sand at Istar's Ark."

Once again, we shoveled the entire driveway.

Ariana...your tunnel is under this snow pile.  It is now as tall as you are.

Picnic anyone???

This afternoon I want over to my friend Kendra's house so she could help me make some cushions for the stools in our kitchen.  While I was there she showed me these beautiful blocks she has made for her grandaughter.  So clever.  When she spells her full name on the front, the letters on the back say I love mama + papa.

After we (as in mostly Kendra) put together the six cushions, we worked on refreshing a blog that Kendra started last year.  I could do that all day long....

Here are the end products....

It started snowing during morning chores, was snowing again during evening chores, and then again when we were about ready to go down to the village. 


Tonight we went to Barber's Grill for's what I call a real "towny joint" and you would like it.  Tin ceilings, lots of neon and great food.   One of their specialties is the "Balboa" sandwich.  It is on grilled french bread...I had a Reuben and Gary had Beef, Peppers, Mushrooms and Onions with a special sauce.  We ran into some people we know and had a short and sweet night out.


Round about town.  

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Last night the snow was deep and I was so behind I did not even shovel a path in the paddock.
This morning, however, I did my usual and shoveled about a 20 foot wide area where I put the hay.  The temperature went up to the mid twenties and it didn't feel too bad.

Winnie found a snow bank and did her rolling thing.

These snow pictures are for Ariana who actually misses this white stuff!  Even tho we were plowed out at 5 pm yesterday, I had to shovel today.  Can you see the path I made dragging my sled out to the barn this morning?

I spent part of the early afternoon getting the house in shape, digging out my car and taking a shower.  At 3:30 Miss Phoebe and I drove to Buffalo to pick up Gary at the airport.  So nice that the roads were bare.  His plane was delayed by just a few minutes...I expected more, as it was snowing there.  The two blurry pictures are of the main terminal...very dramatic, but I was not able to stop to take the shots.  When we got home around 6:45, I made some spags with our homemade sauce and a big salad.  Gary's diet was different from the norm while he was gone, and he only ate 1/2 of a bran muffin before he got here.  When he walked in the door he had peanut butter on bread, a handful of chips, yougurt with fresh raspberries and granola, a piece of chocolate from Sabine (Germany) and THEN HE ATE DINNER.  It is very nice to have him back home.