Monday, January 12, 2009


Early this morning the sun started to cover the paddock, the solar strong enough to let me unplug the heater in the water trough.

No wind...a nice quiet morning.

Ariana had an early breakfast and helped me with morning chores.  At age 10 she is very capable of lightening my work load....made a difference for sure!

After patiently waiting for us to get through a meeting at the Senior Center, we were off to
CHRISTINA'S WORLD........................That is where we had the pleasure of Sunshine Part 2.
Tina had him harnessed and all we had to do was help get him hooked.  What a perfect afternoon to be snuggy under a blanket in a one horse open sleigh!!!!  And he even had bells on his harness.  This was a real treat....many thanks to Tina for taking the time to give Ariana and Daniela such a special experience.  (I think next year's Christmas card could be in the works).

Hi Mom!  Hi Tata!  We had fun this afternoon and are now on our way to Aunt Jenny's for an overnight.  Thanks for writing....glad you liked the "crazy bus" and the "wing nuts."  "Hi" Mimi.
Glad you are checking up on us.  Good night!


  1. Suxh bonnie girls, and quite the romantic sleigh!

  2. these shots look really great blown up! Thanks for another look into your farm life. Grand it is!


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