Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A little windy, but not too bad this morning.  When I opened up the indoor, out flew three pigeons and in went the horses.

PC has stuck his tongue out...it looks gigantic!

This was class day.  Last week I gave my students a little challenge to work on...they each were given 4 paper tile squares (peel off the back and stick them to whatever) and they could take however many pages they wanted out of a wallpaper book.  Their assignment was demonstrate their creativity in coming up with a unique presentation.  Above is the inside of a card made by Kendra.  She cut out the bees and stuck them to the wall paper.

Number 1.

Jean did a series of 3 collages with one more on the way.  Her husband is out of town and she was able to spend a lot of time getting absorbed into her projects.

Number 2.
Number 3.

Rudy selected to take the cards apart and glued them to the wallpaper after using an exacto knife to cut around the wings to make them stick out.  Very 3-d.  More projects are on the way.

At 3pm, Jenny brought the four kids up to the farm and while Cooper took a nap, the other three went outside to play in the snow.  Daniela and Finn were into making snow angels.

Ice was into running around them....

It started to snow by 3:30....

The horses were scrounging up the last of the morning hay.  Luckily, the temperature got into the low 30s...

Ice used to be afraid of the horses...now he follows Phoebe right into the paddock.

"Snow chairs."

"Snow Tunels."

No skiing today...
"Hi Mom!"

Just before dark the temperature really started to drop and the wind was blowing in the back fields.

The tree by the indoor was covered with snow.

This is the view of the barn as you leave the paddock.  I love the lights.

...went out to play bridge tonight.  Got home about 10:30 and am going out by the fire for some couch time.  The weather is supposed to be outrageous for the next 3 days.  With the wind chill, it is supposed to be 5 to 15 below zero in the morning.  I think I will feed the horses their hay in the indoor.  Good night!


  1. Eeash! Would love some snow, but wind chills below 5? Can I have the snow without the chill?

  2. Oh, that looks like so much fun!
    Sheba sends a big hug to Miss Phoebe this morning, wondering if all is well!

  3. I love who you chronicle each day with photos.
    Please stay warm.
    We are supposed to get very cold, but not like you guys.
    Wishing you warmth.

  4. I just read through the whole blog. I've gotten behind and missed so much! The kids all look great, and seem to be a having a fun time. You and your crazy weather! Good luck with all that wet snow! We've had a huge shift in our weather....it's gone from -45 to +20. Feels like summer out there!

  5. Wish we had an indoor to feed and turn them out in this winter. We're cold too. Looks like the kids had fun. You'd have to pay me to make snow angels now.

  6. Great sequence... love the shot of "Ice" in motion bounding around the children with his cute butt way up in the air!

  7. Everyone...thanks for all the comments.

    Gayle, glad you are having a "heat" wave up there. Tonight is going to be nasty down here (not by Fairbanks standards).

    Cyd...tried to find your blog but it was blocked. Thanks for finding my Journal.

    Grey Horse Matters...Thanks to the sun this morning, I was able to feed outside...they stuck it out all day (lots of blankets).

    Esther...no snow for you.

    Fe, you can't be serious about the snow.

    Enlightenedhorsemanship...glad you are enjoying the posts


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