Thursday, January 22, 2009


The horse barn looks like a disaster area when I am cleaning stalls, but it is in mint condition when I'm done.  It is a basement barn (over 100 years old), with a hill that runs up to the second floor...keeps it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  This section used to be for cows and was full of dismantled car parts when we moved in.  The center ceiling is low, but high enough for 16'3" Target to get to his 16x16 stall at the end of the aisle.  Every stall is a different size with higher ceilings.  Nothing fancy, to be sure...but clean and well bedded.  I guess I should have taken an after picture.  All their sheets were taken off 
when the temperature went up, and now they all have to be put away.
Can you believe it?  The temperature was 30 degrees this morning.

A nice break for the ponies....

Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer.  (38)

We were invited out to the Botts for lunch today...pizza and wings (one of the girls favorites that they can't get in Las Vegas).  They live on the shore of Lake Ontario and the view from the house was very commanding.  On the way out, we stopped at Country Treasures to do a little shopping.

The ice looks like sand dunes (this is Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes) and when the waves come crashing in they get sprayed.

This is our host Topper....a man with many cameras.

Carol baked some cookies that we could not leave alone...especially Ariana.

There she is now...all happy after lunch.

Phoebe went with us and Daniela wanted to take her for a walk.

She, Gary, Topper, Ariana and Phoebe took a stroll down the road to the Brockport Yacht Club.

There they are now!

When we got home they wanted to stay out even longer.

Ariana and Gary started a Scrabble Game that lasted for three hours... Finn, Cooper and Jenny came up for "the last supper" and the girls will go home with them for their grand finale overnight.

  By the way, I made "Chicken Helen" tonight along with rice, peas for the boys, corn for the girls and Ariana made corn bread.  Jenny brought a nice salad and we had Raspberries (that I picked at a friends garden) and cream on Angel Food Cake for dessert.

The artwork was done by Daniela (herself), Cooper (abstraction) and Finn developing his hot air balloon next to a rocket.  They are having such a good time "painting" on that old computer.
At this moment, Gary has finished doing the dishes and I am washing sheets.  We gave the girls our downstairs bedroom and tonight we are taking it back.  It's going to be very quiet around here when they leave tomorrow.  What a good time we have had with them.  Well mannered, fun, cooperative, sweet and model kids.  We look forward to their next visit, and so do their cousins.


  1. Good eve Lori
    What a nice day it looks as though you had today! Love the pictiorial of it. The body of water?

  2. An All-American visit! Glad you all had such a good time!

  3. I love the barn. Thanks for sharing the inside...you'll have to give us a bigger tour of it when your life slows down a bit! :)

  4. MMMMM! Those cookies look delicious! You have such a full and busy life...how do you keep up? :)

    I think you should give us a picture tour of your pony routine! Barn and stall pictures included :)

    How's that for a snowy day request from Colorado? :)
    Woofs and whinnies,


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