Friday, September 30, 2016

The Heat Is On....

The house was cold today so we eventually turned on the furnace.  First time.
No complaints here.

  A lot of in and out.
Little Wonder got some exercise chasing balls.

 Phoebe was not interested.
 Wrestling was more fun.

 I worked on biographies to post with my student's work that will be hanging in the show that goes up on Sunday, otherwise....not much was accomplished.  Tomorrow I MUST finish my painting or it will not be going in the show.

We were invited to dinner tonight at Joanne and Jim Cs so I made some roasted squash to take along.

 There were 6 of us....
 and it was a delicious meal.
 chicken, squash, crusty bread
 and a great salad.

 Two pies for dessert!

 Boy, did we hear some good stories.
 Night all.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Nice Rainy Day

 It was raining so hard this morning, the dogs had to stay in the house.
 This was my exit after cleaning the stalls.  I don't use the crate for Little Wonder anymore so I took it out of the aisleway by the stalls.  Fortunately it was not raining.  Quite a combo of stuff.

 Are your mums blooming?

 I needed hay cubes for Berlin and a supplement for all, so I loaded the pups in the car and we were off....first

 to Tractor Supply.  We practiced walking on leashes next to a big cart.  Little Wonder surprised me...Phoebe is a pro.

 Next....Country Max.
 They checked out pumpkins, toys and snacks.
 Little Wonder loved the girl working at the check-out counter.  He ran right over to her.

 At 11:15 we left for Rochester to have Gary's birthday lunch with Jenny.  Scott even made it!
 Nosh is around the corner from Jenny's office and it was an excellent choice.

 It's warehouse style with great design and class.
 They opened in July and this was our first visit.
 Our waiter, Ben, was great and we had a lot of fun with him.
 Jenny and Scott presented Gary with a birthday card, including another gift certificate to Nosh.
 It was suggested that we get the nachos for a starter.
Outstanding, but boy, we did not need them.

 Lunches were served on sheet pans and they gave you enough French fries for 3 people.
Gary had Chi Town Top Round....
 Scott had the Bangor BLT (included lobster and bacon)...
 Jenny had the Open Door Mission's Rusted Root pizza.  
(They donate $1 to the mission for every order placed)
 I had The Burger.
 The waiter liked us so much he brought Gary a complimentary birthday dessert.
I can't remember the real name for it but on the bottom there was corn bread that absorbed bourbon, then vanilla pudding with bananas...topped with real whipped cream.
Off  the  charts.
Oops!  Jenny said it was called "Drunken Banana Pudding."
Scott had left to go back to work, I tasted it and Jenny and Gary finished it off!
I would highly recommend this place, the food, the service, the wait staff and the presentation.
 For future reference, we all scoped out the dinner menu.

 This is how the bill was delivered.
 So clever.
 Needless to say, we had "to go" boxes.
 Jen went back to work...
 and we were on our way

 back to the farm.

 No dinner tonight!
But I did have chore duty as Karen had an appointment.

 Got the girls tucked in and went back to the house and fed the dogs.
Little Wonder wants his food AND Phoebe's.
Night all.