Friday, September 16, 2016

Peace Rockets....

Another cool start to the day....
but it warmed up quickly.

I let the dogs out as soon as I get up and
every morning Little Wonder gets into one of the cat's baskets.
 Since I'm not using the crate for him, I decided to take it out to the barn so I can get that big old one out of there.  It was too large to go up the stairs, so I put it in the wheel barrow and took it up the hill out back to the second level of the barn.  The dogs went with.  There is a stone wall on each side of the hill that goes down about 8 feet.  All of a sudden there was movement in the vines about 4 feet from the bottom.  LW had gone off the edge and was literally hanging in some vines....crying because they were wrapped around his back legs.  It took me a minute to get him undone and after that he really stuck with me.

 Gordy arrived about 9am to rototil the arenas.  He does a great job...
 and for the moment, the outdoor is weedless.  The footing is quite amazing.
 This afternoon the pups watched me mow from their perch in the back yard.

 Company for dinner, so I got the lead out and decided to roast some red peppers from the garden.

 After peeling, I added a little balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Greek olives, Feta cheese and chives.
 The I got a head start on the Chicken Helen.
 Normally I use chicken breasts, but †oday I used boneless thighs.
First I pounded them with my little iron frying pan, then I dipped them in eggs followed by a dip in bread crumbs mixed with grated cheese.  I browned them in a frying pan (olive oil/cold pressed canola oil) and finished them off in the oven, topped with drizzled honey mustard.  325 degrees/covered with tin foil.
 Donna and Mike arrived at 6:45 and we started off with the peppers.
 The salad....romaine with tangerine, bananas and at the end I added fresh picked raspberries and crumbly blue.
 This morning I made a sweet potato salad.
 I also served some of Carina's Challah bread, which was off the charts.

 For dessert, Donna brought fruit and cookies.  A perfect finish to the meal.
 A very nice time with good conversation.
 Do you see those things hanging behind Donna and Mike?
My class created the two on the left and one of my students named them peace rockets.
Get it?  Mike picked out the part Donna produced.  Don't know how he figured it out!!!
 Our bed is pretty high off the ground and I use a stool to get on it.
This morning Little Wonder had things all figured out and jumped up to be with Gary.
Tonight he did it again.  He is such a smarty pants.

 Did you see the moon this evening?
Night all.


Val Ewing said...

I didn't get to see the moon last night, clouds.
Although I am hoping to get a chance tonight to get onto the ridge and watch.
Wow, love your suppers!
I did make sauce from scratch and great lasagna the other night...if that counts! LOL, I will someday be able to cook fairly well.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Ah, that age when puppies are looking for the limits to the world. Such fun as long as they survive unscathed:)

Have you ever noticed that when puppies get to a certain age, you will look at them out of the corner of your eye and suddenly see the shape of what they will be when they are grown? It is almost like an aura that you can just catch a fleeting glimpse of and then it is gone, swept away in puppy enthusiasm. There comes another moment, hopefully many, many years later, when the same fleeting, snapshot aura shows in the face of an old friend and you can see the shape of the puppy that was.

I remember, so vividly, the moment I saw that in Tanner when he was a puppy and again just before he died. An encapsulation of so much.

I saw that glimpse in your photos today. I guess you will have to keep posting pictures for at least the next fifteen years so we can catch it the next time:)