Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Helen's Last Full Day...

I just deleted two gorgeous shots of the sunrise by mistake.
This is all that I got when I went out to the barn.

 After chores I took a shower and drove in to Stutzman's to get new strings for my uke.

 Fortunately, the owner was willing to restring it for me.
 I took a couple videos so I could remember what to do in the future.

 On my way home I ended up driving down Ridge Road behind Judy and Helen, who were on their way to Sally's to check out some clothes.  Helen has an empty suit case and it will be full by the time she leaves!  We had a great time checking out jackets, blouses and more.

 I got home before them (lunch together again) and
 started getting things together.
 Helen leaves for Scotland tomorrow so this was our last chance to spend some time together.
 We had grilled cheese and tomato paninis with a side of bbqued beans.
 Judy brought cookies from Greg'rys....all kinds.

 Eventually we went outside

 to pick green beans and

 We said our goodbyes
 and then it was nap time.

 We decided to have salads for dinner so I put the pups in the car
 and drove down

 to Grinds to pick up a couple.

Tonight I'm hanging at the farm and Gary went down to the college to listen to an author at
the Writer's Forum.
It's his birthday today and we will go to Rochester to celebrate with Jenny tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Gar!!!
Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

Wow, are those cosmos? The bright orange flowers. They are incredible! I have mixed colors but none that beautiful!